The new automatic splitting knife adjustment system automatically measures the timber volume.

Thanks to the timber volume measurement, volume can be checked during splitting. The SplitControl is an accessory part for some Spaltfix models and will make firewood preparation even easier.Logs are not always straight and log diameters differ, too. Splitting therefore produces uneven billets, i.e. the quality of the firewood is low. Add to this that the machine is often subjected to unnecessary loads when splitting power could be saved. The SplitControl straightens these irregularities of nature out and increases ease of operation. The SplitControl measures the log diameter by means of an optical sensor. The measured data are sent to the control unit that adjusts the splitting knife accordingly. The splitting stroke is triggered by the operator. The control unit calculates the volume of the section (solid cubic metres m3) based on the diameter measured and the length of the section measured. You will know exactly how much timber you have processed.

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