SplitMaster 40/55 Crane

Advantages at a glance

For metre-long logs up to 1.25 m

Ease of operation and high splitting performance thanks to Autospeed

Professional hydraulic system with grey-cast iron pump and oil filter for continuous operation

tractor chassis for mobile operations.

Height-adjustable splitting knife variants

Professional horizontal wood splitter with loading crane.

The thrust piece pushes the log with more than 40/55 t against the splitting knife.

The hydraulically adjustable splitting knife for powerful splitting.

SplitMaster 40 / 55 Crane
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Technical data:

• Splitting power 40 t/55 t, with Autospeed

• Maxim billet length 125 cm (up to 250 cm possible)

• Splitting knife for four parts SplitMaster 40 (Ø 0-50cm), SplitMaster 55 (Ø 40-90 cm)

• Hydraulic splitting knife adjustment

• Hydraulic system with axial piston pump (high-pressure hydraulics)

• Control from high seat

• Interference-proof radio control

• Tractor chassis 10 km/h, parking brake, height of drawbar eye adjustable (700 mm)

• Loading crane: telescope extension, 6.7 m reach, max. hoisting capacity 414 kg, swing angle 380°, gripper gap 1.24 m, gripper weight 67 kg, crane weight 1,029 kg (only for TK models). The hydraulic drive for the crane is integrated in the machine

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