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Bundling device with composite band
Efficient bundling of short and metre-long logs

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  • 1 rm Capacity
  • 210 kg Weight min.
Makes billet handling particularly easy. After loading, the four standard belt guides bundle the billets into one (metre-long logs) or two bundles (50 cm logs). The bundle of billets is safely tied up by means of the tensioning device. The tractor hydraulics lower the device, and after the locking lever has been released, the bundles can easily roll out. With a billet length of 1 m, each individual bundle has a volume of about one cubic metre.

Bundling device composite

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Article no. Propulsion Weight
list price
excl. VAT
Bundling device with three-point linkage cat. I + II, suitable for composite ribbon. Metal stop plate for the even and precice feeding of logs into the bundling device 214 2.200,00
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Packaging systems
Holds logs together safely.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
  • Composite complete set comprising:
  • Tensioning device
  • Band dispenser, mobile
  • Composite strap 1,9 cm width, 2 reels of 500 m length
  • 1,000 closing buckles, galvanised
  • Composite set without band dispenser, comprising:
  • Tensioning device
  • Composite strap 1,9 cm width, 2 reels of 500 m length
  • 1,000 closing buckles, galvanised
Bundling device set, matches F0003532 520,00
Tensioning device 125,00
Band dispenser, mobile 320,00
Composite strap 1,9 cm width, 2 reels of 500 m length. Plasticised textile strap, especially for sharp-edged products and use at low temperatures, high UV resistance, high tear strength 170,00
Closing buckles, galvanised (1,000 pcs./pack), suitable for composite strap (Z9700064) 110,00
  • Composite complete set
Accessory equipment
Handy accessory equipment.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Insulating wooden stop panel (noise-reducing) 250,00

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