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Easily transforms tree cuttings into wood chips

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  • 10 cm Branch Ø max.
  • 382 kg Weight min.
Easily disposes of tree cuttings and scrap wood even from large farms or municipalities. The funnel and the feed roller of the wood chipper evenly transport the material to the chopping disk, and as a result of the special funnel inclination, wood with a diameter of up to 10 cm is processed continuously. The special geometry of the chopping disk and the chopping knives affixed to it ensure quick shredding, the easily adjustable counter-blade improves the result even more. The finished wood chips are discharged into the trailer through an ejection pipe that is 2.2 m high, or are distributed on site.
  • Timber up to approx. 10 cm Ø
  • Chopping disk 50 cm Ø
  • Large funnel opening 16 x 20 cm
  • Swivel ejection pipe – height 220 cm
  • Three-point linkage cat. I + II


Article no. Type Propulsion Weight
list price
excl. VAT
Tractor PTO shaft, power consumption 20- 35 kW (depending on wood diameter), max. PTO shaft speed 540 rpm, hydraulically driven, top infeed roller (forward and return movement)

Tractor drive: universal shaft required, three-point linkage cat. I+II

367 8.100,00
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Accessory equipment

Handy accessory equipment for more power and convenience for wood processing.
  • Spare knife for chopping disk
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Walterscheid W-Line universal joint shaft max. 900 Nm (friction coupling) with overload protection 490,00
Walterscheid W-Line universal shaft max. 900 N m (overloadclutch and freewheel for tractors with hydraulic PTO clutch) 900,00
Set of chopping knives (2 pcs.) with 6 bolts 145,00

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