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Tilting table saw
The dual-purpose unit for professionals

Performance data
  • Efficient 24 cm Cutting diameter max.
  • Compact 210 kg Weight min.

Switching from firewood to lengthwise cutting in only a few seconds

The standard lengthwise cutting functionality makes this table saw the ideal tool for fast firewood processing and neat lengthwise cutting. The handy table unlocking mechanism lets you switch from one function to the other in only a few seconds. In addition, the V-belt drive models provide for an optimum cutting speed and an increased cutting performance.

Every POSCH tilting table saw is recognisable by its many useful features.

Posch Tisch-Wippkreissäge Keilriemenantrieb
  • Easy switching from longitudinal to firewood cutting
  • Special rocker structure for more safety
  • Smooth-operating rocker for improved ergonomics
  • Easy transportation to the work site
  • Easy switching from longitudinal to firewood cutting
    Tisch-Wippkreissäge: werkzeugloser Wechsel von Längs- zu Brennholzschnitt
    In only a few seconds, the circular saw can be switched from table to tilting position thanks to the convenient unlocking mechanism, and so change from longitudinal to firewood cutting.
  • Special rocker structure for more safety
    Tischwippkreissäge Brennholz und Bretter sägen
    The design of the rocker prevents logs from turning, the saw blade cannot get stuck.
  • Smooth-operating rocker for improved ergonomics
    Tischwippkreissäge: Spezielle Wippenkonstruktion für mehr Sicherheit
    The rocker is easy to use and very robust at the same time. The height-adjustable handle enables optimum adjustment to the respective operator.
  • Easy transportation to the work site
    Tisch-wippkreissäge, einfacher Transport zum Einsatzort
    With the large, standard solid rubber wheels and the handy transport handles, it is quite easy to transport the table tilting saw by hand. The models with PTO drive and three-point linkage comprise a transport aid as standard.

The best result with the right product from POSCH.

Fast and efficient firewood processing for all requirements.
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Special equipment ex works and accessory equipment for an even better circular saw

Make your work easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment that make firewood processing even easier.
Accessory equipment

The right accessory equipment for the tilting table saw from POSCH

Rocker extension

The rocker extension with rollers makes sure that even long logs are safely fixed. Billets can easily be moved to the next cut via rollers.

Debarking blade

The debarking blade for pointing and debarking logs is installed instead of the circular saw blade in only a few steps and turns the saw into a debarking machine in next to no time.

  • Tilting extension
  • Debarking blade
Saw blades

Order right now: The powerful WIDIA saw blade

Less noise and longer cutting with the WIDIA circular saw blade with 84 teeth. It ensures a cutting power increased by 50 % for hardwood and considerable noise reduction.

Show all saw blades

POSCH offers you a wide variety of high-quality saw blades for more power and a longer useful life. In addition to the WIDIA circular saw blades, you can also opt for the high-grade chromium alloy standard saw blade or the longitudinal cutting profile with Hannibal teeth.

Chip extraction unit

Chip extraction unit

A powerful, low-noise blower vacuums off all the chips that are produced, and your workplace remains clean. The chip extraction blower is equipped with a 2 m suction hose (∅ 15 cm) and an 10 m pressure hose (∅ 10 cm). It can easily be transported to the operating site by means of the hand-geared trolley.

Chip extraction unit


Tractor chassis 10 km/h

For all POSCH tilting table saws with tractor drive, a special chassis is available as special equipment.

  • Kreissägen Brennholzsäge Schlepperfahrwerk
    Tractor chassis
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The POSCH tilting table saw in action

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