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NEW: Polly
The splitting machine for firewood

Performance data
  • Splitting power 8 t
  • Efficient up to 40 cm Log Ø
  • Billet length max. 50 cm

Who’s Polly?

Polly is new. Polly is unique.
This splitting machine allows you to create your own firewood or kindling effortlessly, safely and without breaking your back. Work alone or with a partner - but always without breaking sweat!

How about splitting wood with a single hand?
You’ll love Polly.

The benefits at a glance

Spaltmaschine, Kurzholz, Posch,
  • Cover closed & splitting starts!
  • Polycarbonate Protective Cover
  • Adjustable Splitting Ram for Short Logs
  • Height Adjustable Splitting Knife
  • Ready to Use Anywhere
  • Cover closed & splitting starts!
    When you close the poly-protective cover, the splitting process starts automatically - no extra handle, no 2-hand operation. After you have inserted the log, you have a clear view of the splitting chute and a free hand for the next log.
  • Polycarbonate Protective Cover
    Innovative, unique - and it protects what is dear to us: You and all those people involved in the work process! The polycarbonate cover is transparent and impact resistant.
  • Adjustable Splitting Ram for Short Logs
    Adjust the splitting stroke to the desired wood length – with one hand and without any tools. This saves you time, as the splitting ram no longer retracts completely.
  • Height Adjustable Splitting Knife
    Liegendspalter-Spaltmaschine-Brennholz-spalten-Polly-POSCH-Leibnitz-Aktion-Detail-Hydraulischer Messerwechsel-StefanLeitner-21
    The splitting knife can be adjusted hydraulically to different log diameters and changed without tools in a few seconds – with a secure holder for an optional spare knife on the back of the splitter.
  • Ready to Use Anywhere
    The splitting machine is manually transportable via the manual chassis and two solid rubber wheels. Optional with three-point suspension or chassis.
Learn more about Polly!

Here you will find all technical details on our new splitting machine.

Take a look now >>>

Upgrade your Polly with more equipment

Make splitting firewood even easier and effortless.
More space with the wood shelf

For enhanced storage options

Need more space? Choose from our larger optional storage tables for more splitting freedom!

Wood shelf “Large” with additional table (item no. L upon initial order)
This splitting table is larger than the standard one. It comes with an additional shelf on the operator side to re-split logs. With it, you have everything within reach.

ATTENTION: Cannot be retrofitted, must be added to initial order!

Additional shelf (item no. F0004611, retrofittable)
Handy “interim storage” option on operator side with this additional shelf – perfect for re-splitting logs.

  • Liegendspalter-Spaltmaschine-Brennholz-spalten-Polly-POSCH-Leibnitz-Aktion-Schutzverkleidung-Polycarbonat-StefanLeitner-27
    large wood tray incl. additional shelf
  • Liegendspalter-Spaltmaschine-Brennholz-spalten-Polly-POSCH-Leibnitz-Aktion-Detail-Holzablage-F0004611-StefanLeitner-15
    additional shelf (opperator side)
The right splitting knife

More billets from a single log section

Select the right splitting knife for you and your logs: 2, 3, 4 or 6 billets per log section. The 4-way knife comes as standard.

  • Liegendspalter-Spaltmaschine-Brennholz-spalten-Polly-POSCH-Leibnitz-Aktion-Detail-6-fach-Spaltmesser-F0001661 StefanLeitner-11
    To the splitting knife options
True power needs to be experienced first-hand!

Do you want to watch our Polly in action?
Inquire now and get to know the new splitting machine from POSCH!

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