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The fast short-log splitter for private households

Performance data
  • Powerful 5.6 t Splitting power max.
  • Sturdy 131 kg Weight min.
  • Fast 22 | 24 cm/s Splitting speed | Return speed max.

This makes the heat from your own tiled stove even cosier

The name RuckZuck of this unit says it all. It is ready for use immediately, splits your firewood for the winter conveniently and in no time. The safe solution for private households is a reliable unit for the splitting of short logs.

Probably the most convenient and fastest way to split your own timber for relaxed hours.

Waagrechtspalter Ruckzuck, POSCH Brennholzmaschinen
  • Convinces with easy and safe two-hand operation
  • The turbo model saves you time and runs more smoothly
  • Precise processing for extraordinarily long useful life and stable value
  • Handy timber trough for the logs enables splitting in the middle
  • Trouble-free continuous operation due to optimum dimensioning
  • Always on the spot for every task thanks to easy handling
  • Convinces with easy and safe two-hand operation
    Zweihand-Bedienung für mehr Arbeitssicherheit, Waagrechtspalter Ruckzuck
    The RuckZuck is the ideal log splitter for your home. The horizontal splitter is characterised by its particularly convenient and safe operation, and it easily splits hardwood as well.
  • The turbo model saves you time and runs more smoothly
    Turbo Holzspalter Waagrechtspalter für Kaminholz Posch-Ruckzuck Brennholzmaschinen
    The RuckZuck from POSCH was designed for fast working. The large engine with two advance speeds and the adjustable splitting stroke save you a considerable amount of time. In addition, the turbo model ensures a higher splitting speed and runs more smoothly and reduces the noise level.
  • Precise processing for extraordinarily long useful life and stable value
    stabile Konstruktion liegender Holzspalter
    The basis for the quality of each individual machine starts with the construction and the selection of the right materials. The wide pressure plate guide from high-grade brass ensures a long useful life.
  • Handy timber trough for the logs enables splitting in the middle
    Posch, Holzspalter liegend, Wende-Spaltkreuz, Spaltmesser
    As soon as you have put the log in the timber trough, the rest is done almost alone by the machine. The trough centres the log for precise cutting by the splitting knife. Optionally reversible splitting crosses for four billets in one work cycle make work even easier.
  • Trouble-free continuous operation due to optimum dimensioning
    Waagrechtspalter für Kaminholz
    The low-noise hydraulic system with oil filter in combination with the large engines leaves nothing to be desired even for longer working units. You can stock up for a cold winter, billet by billet.
  • Always on the spot for every task thanks to easy handling
    Holzspalter liegend für den Hausgebraucht
    The RuckZuck can be transported to the work site quickly and easily. The large solid rubber wheels with a diameter of 30 cm and the ideal weight distribution make transportation particularly easy.

The best result with the right product from POSCH.

Fast and efficient firewood processing for all requirements.

Accessory equipment for an even better RuckZuck

Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment that make firewood processing even easier.

To be found in every good wood processing facility

The RuckZuck from POSCH is probably the most convenient tool for producing your own firewood for relaxing hours in front of a fire. Simply prepare your own firewood in summer or autumn, and look forward to the cold season. In winter, you can enjoy sitting at the fireplace, and look forward to using your RuckZuck next time. As a result of the safety-oriented design, the RuckZuck is safe to operate, jamming of the billets is practically excluded. Simply put on the log and listen to the nice cracking sounds when the RuckZuck does the work with a splitting power of 6 tons.

  • Holzspalter liegend, Kurzholzspalter, RuckZuck
    Simple splitting on your own
  • Leichter Transport, - Holzspalter RuckZuck – POSCH Brennholzmaschinen
    Quickly ready for action
  • Kurzholzspalter RuckZuck beim Spalten
    Effortlessly copes with hardwood too
Turbo model

Faster splitting with the RuckZuck

On request, the turbo design ensures a higher splitting speed and it runs more smoothly. This makes the processing of your own firewood a real pleasure.

  • Holzspalter RuckZuck Turbo-Modell
    RuckZuck with Turbo
Accessory equipment

Sophisticated additional solutions for the RuckZuck

This accessory equipment makes the RuckZuck even faster and more efficient. With the push-on reversible splitting cross, you can split logs in four billets in one work step, which saves you a lot of time. A particularly handy feature is also the timber support behind the splitting tool, where the split billets are placed ready to hand for your convenience. The ergonomic working height lets you work effortlessly without having to bend over.

  • Kurzholzspalter RuckZuck beim Spalten
    reversible splitting cross
  • Kurzholzspalter, RuckZuck, Holzauflagetisch
    Timber support

The POSCH RuckZuck in action

  • Liegendspalter RuckZuck - POSCH Leibnitz by
  • POSCH ruck zuck log splitter fendeuse holzspalter houtklover by

Convincing from every perspective: The RuckZuck

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