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The semi-automatic firewood saw

Performance data
  • Efficient 20 cm Log ∅ max.
  • Compact 570 kg Weight min.
  • Fast 3 - 6 Cubic metres/hour

Makes handling convenient and your work easier.

Enjoy the outstanding benefits of a new sawing principle that lets you process firewood fast, precisely and safely. POSCH EasyCut offers increased cutting power thanks to automatic feed and precise longitudinal stop

The easier sawing principle EasyCut offers many useful features

Posch halbautomatische Brennholzsäge mit Förderband
  • Automatic timber advance with patented longitudinal stop
  • Ball bearing mounted timber trough for energy-saving work
  • Neat cutting and more safety due to log fixing
  • Cutting without any risk
  • More ergonomic working with optimum charging height
  • Cutting and loading in one work step
  • Automatic timber advance with patented longitudinal stop
    neue Brennholzsäge mit patentiertem Längsanschlag
    The gravity feed in combination with the integrated, undulated and patented longitudinal stop consistently cuts billets to the desired length and can easily be adjusted without tools.
  • Ball bearing mounted timber trough for energy-saving work
    Brennholz sägen mit kugelgelagerter Holzlade
    Thanks to the ball bearing mounted timber trough with end position dampening on both sides, the EasyCut also cuts large volumes of wood smoothly, safely and effortlessly and so offers optimum user friendliness.
  • Neat cutting and more safety due to log fixing
    Automatischer Holzniederhalter bei Brennholzsäge
    The automatic log downholder safely fixes the billets during cutting and so guarantees fast and safe working without interruptions.
  • Cutting without any risk
    Sägefunktion mit Holzniederhalter der Brennholzsäge
    It is not possible to touch the saw blade while working, and so the innovative sawing principle does not only guarantee smooth handling and easy operation, but also a maximum of safety.
  • More ergonomic working with optimum charging height
    Holzsäge für Brennholzschnitt ergonomische Bedienung
    The EasyCut can easily be operated in a back-friendly manner by one or two persons. With the feed height of 85 cm for metre-long logs, you can optimally work for longer periods of time in a very efficient manner too.
  • Cutting and loading in one work step
    Brennholzsäge mit Förderband, sägen und verladen auf Anhänger
    The EasyCut with the integrated telescopic conveyor belt saves you time during billet handling. The finished billets can quickly be loaded via the hydraulically driven conveyor belt of a length of up to 5 m, the inclination is adjusted to the respective task.

The best result with the right product from POSCH

Fast and efficient firewood processing for all requirements.
You have to witness true power yourself!

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Increased cutting power thanks to automatic feed and precise longitudinal stop

Enjoy the outstanding benefits of a new sawing principle that lets you process firewood quickly, precisely and safely.

The new sawing principle

The manually activated firewood saw with automatic gravity feed cuts billets and round timber with a diameter of up to 20 cm (billet quality D15/D20) and provides for more ease of use and ergonomic functionality. The EasyCut can be operated by one or two people, which increases the cutting capacity – depending on the desired length – to 3–6 cubic metres.

Do you want more power?

more about SmartCut

Brennholzsäge EasyCut mit Förderband

Time saving at work with the EasyCut

The EasyCut has a considerably speed advantage as far as operation is concerned. The patented, undulated stop lets you adjust the desired billet length without tools in just a few steps. For subsequent operation, the timber to be cut is put in the ergonomic timber trough and automatically glides up to the stop. The high-grade WIDIA circular saw blade for more power and a longer useful life is included as standard.

Operation by one or two people

The ball bearing mounted and so particularly smooth-running timber trough with end position dampening lets the timber glide against the saw blade. After cutting, the remaining timber glides up to the stop, and the procedure is repeated effortlessly. The finished billets are loaded by means of the conveyor belt at once.

Keeps hands out of the danger zone

The EasyCut combines a maximum of speed and safety. It keeps your hands safely away from the saw blade, the new, automatic timber downholder retains the billet during the cutting process. This prevents wedging or kickback from the very start.

Special equipment ex works and accessory equipment for an even better EasyCut

Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment that make firewood processing even easier.
Chip extraction blower

Quick and neat working

Chip extraction blower

A powerful and quiet blower removes wood chips that are produced, and keeps your workplace clean. Equipped with a 2 m suction hose ∅ 15 cm and an 8 m pressure hose ∅ 10 cm and a hand-geared trolley for easier transportation.

  • Späneabsauganschluss für Brennholzsäge
    Chip extraction blower
Conveyor belt

Cutting and packing up in one work step

Equipped with hydraulic telescopic 4m conveyor belt as standard. The 2-piece telescopic conveyor belt (5m) for optimum loading of the finished billets is optionally available. By means of the telescope, the conveyor belt can be retracted to make it especially compact for the transport position, and the hydraulic height adjustment lets you easily adjust the inclination of the conveyor belt and so the ejection height.

  • Brennholzsäge hydraulische Förderband-Verstellung
    Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Telescopic conveyor belt
The EasyCut ensures easy handling and certainly makes work easier
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The POSCH EasyCut in action

  • Brennholzschnitt, einfach und sicher. Die Brennholzsäge EasyCut | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Brennholz-Kreissäge mit Förderband EasyCut – POSCH Leibnitz by

Convincing from every perspective: The EasyCut

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