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The fully automatic firewood saw

Performance data
  • Efficient 20 cm Cutting diameter max.
  • Compact 750 | 920 kg Weight min. | max.
  • Fast 4 - 8 Cubic metres/hour

Produces 500 cubic metres per year

The intelligent sawing concept of the SmartCut makes operation by one person particularly efficient, convenient and safe. The energy-saving timber charging system at an agreeable working height lets you get more work done on your own.

The SmartCut is recognisable by its many useful features

Kreissäge, Brennholzsäge, vollautomatische Holzsäge SmartCut mit EasyStop
  • Ergonomic intake height for billets
  • EasyStop for stress-free charging
  • More convenience through adjustment without tools
  • Even more user-friendly with optional SensoStart system
  • Ideal conveyor belt inclination for each task
  • Compact design for easy transportation
  • Ergonomic intake height for billets
    Holzsägeautomat Bedienung ergonomisch durch niedrige Höhe
    This firewood saw from POSCH lets you work in a back-friendly way without having to bend over. At a height of 100 cm, this automatic saw takes logs and then cuts them fully automatically into billets of the required length.
  • EasyStop for stress-free charging
    Easy Stop System Sägeautomat
    For easy charging, the fully automatic timber tray can easily be stopped with the EasyStop bracket. When you let go of the bracket again, the automatic saw SmartCut continues the fully automatic cutting process.
  • More convenience through adjustment without tools
    Längenanschlag einstellbar
    The standard longitudinal stop of the firewood saw can easily be adjusted to the usual log lengths without tools and so delivers the precise billet length cut by cut. The optional comfort stop can be used to adjust the required log length in a 1-cm grid.
  • Even more user-friendly with optional SensoStart system
    Maximum charging convenience offered by the optionally available newSensoStart system with ultrasound sensors: The sawing process only starts as soon as the billet is in the tray and is in contact with the stop. At the same time, this further increases the cutting length precision.
  • Ideal conveyor belt inclination for each task
    Förderband Handkurbel Sägeautomat
    The SmartCut from POSCH with the integrated telescopic conveyor belt does not only save you time when sawing. This automatic saw automatically loads the finished billets. The adjustable tilt of the 41cm wide telescopic conveyor belt makes loading even easier. The easy-to-use crank lets to adjust the tilt between 25° and 35°.
  • Compact design for easy transportation
    The SmartCut is designed in such a way that you can get it ready for action as quickly as possible, anywhere. The compact design for easy transportation with the three-point linkage lets you transport the folded SmartCut everywhere.

The best result with the right product from POSCH

Fast and efficient firewood processing for all requirements.
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Get more done on your own with the fully automatic powerhouse

The intelligent sawing concept of the SmartCut makes operation by one person particularly efficient, convenient and safe.

Copes with every challenge

For smooth operation, the SmartCut is equipped with a high-quality WIDIA saw blade that was specially developed with a reinforced design for fully automatic circular saws. In addition to that, a number of useful supplementary functions makes sure that firewood processing is continued without any interruptions. Gravity makes the remaining log slide back to the pre-set longitudinal stop, and the SmartCut cuts the next piece. The switch-over delay makes working with log lengths over 33 cm easier.

Brennholz sägen mit Sägeautomat mit Förderband, Holzbeschickung

Easy charging

The fully automatic firewood saw cuts billets or round wood at an impressive speed. At intervals of 2.4 seconds, the fully automatic timber trough moves and so produces up to 8 cubic metres
of billets per hour, with the right cutting length and billet size. Charging is extremely easy. The fully automatic trough is stopped with the EasyStop. The operator slides the material to be cut in the timber trough that stands still at an ergonomic height. The SmartCut does the rest in one work step and automatically ejects the billets, cut to the desired length, by means of the conveyor belt.

Special equipment ex works and accessory equipment for an even better SmartCut

Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment that make firewood processing even easier.
Special equipment

Even more user-friendly on request

SensoStart system

The SensoStart system uses ultrasound sensors to detect the presence of a billet and starts the sawing process automatically.

Hydraulic three-point shifting

The hydraulic shifting of the three-point linkage by 30 cm ensures easier road transportation with a reduced radius.

Stepless longitudinal stop

With the optional comfort stop – with high stop plate – the required billet length can be adjusted in the 1cm grid without tools as you wish.

  • SensoStart system
Chip extraction blower

The neat saw in action

A powerful, low-noise blower vacuums off all the chips that are produced, and your workplace remains clean. The chip extraction blower is equipped with a 2 m suction hose (∅ 15 cm) and an 10 m pressure hose (∅ 10 cm). It can easily be transported to the operating site by means of the hand-geared trolley.

Chip extraction blower

Conveyor belt

Cutting and packing up in one work step

The conveyor belt with 4 m is a standard feature. The hydraulically driven 2-part telescopic conveyor belt (5 m) for the optimum loading of the finished billets is optionally available. The conveyor belt can be retracted for the transport position by means of the telescope to make it especially compact. You can easily adjust the tilt of the conveyor belt and so also the ejection height with the easy-to-use manual crank. More products for billet logistics

More products for billet logistics

  • Telescopic conveyor belt
  • Förderband der Brennholzsäge
  • Height adjustment with manual crank
Saves you energy with the convenient log charging system of the SmartCut
product details smartcut

The POSCH SmartCut in action

  • Schwenkbare Dreipunktaufhängung für SmartCut | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Brennholz sägen und verladen mit dem Sägeautomat SmartCut – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Sägeautomat SmartCut , komfortabel und ohne Stress Brennholz sägen – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Posch SmartCut 700 Comfort | by
  • Nerviges Anhänger umstellen beim Brennholz machen? Nicht mit dem SmartCut von POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Scheitholz machen mit Brennholzsäge SmartCut - POSCH Leibnitz by

Convincing from every perspective: The SmartCut

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