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Short-log splitter - SpaltAxt
The powerhouse for your firewood

Performance data
  • Powerful 8 t Splitting power max.
  • Sturdy 127 kg Weight min.
  • Fast 8 | 46 cm/s Splitting speed | Return speed max.

Cut wood anywhere with the SpaltAxt

For splitting firewood for private use, you need a compact log splitter that makes the task easy and safe. The short-log splitter SpaltAxt from POSCH will be your faithful work companion that can be used reliably everywhere. In addition, the SpaltAxt is also available with petrol engine or drive via PTO.

The POSCH benefits at a glance

Holzspalter elektrisch Kaminholz spalten
  • Safe log fixing
  • User-friendly and ergonomic
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Faster working
  • Easier transportation
  • Count on the turbo
  • Safe log fixing
    The automatic log fixing device on the two-hand switching unit ensures an easy and safe splitting. With the timber retaining tip on the SpaltAxt 8 or 10, even thin logs or ones cut at an angle can easily be fixed.
  • User-friendly and ergonomic
    The additional foldingstorage racks on both sides of the splitting table ensure easy and safe working – even together with other people. The work table is at an ergonomic working height.
  • Sturdy and durable design
    Holzspalter robust, hochwertige Komponenten, Posch Spaltaxt
    The SpaltAxt with its compact design and its high-grade components is almost indestructible. If you still need a spare parts once in a while, POSCH will deliver the right components even 20 years after you purchased the machine.
  • Faster working
    Kurzholzspalter elektrisch POSCH Spaltaxt
    The splitting stroke of the SpaltAxt can be adjusted without tools and lets you work particularly fast as a result. Your SpaltAxt always returns only to the set log length and is ready for action again immediately.
  • Easier transportation
    Holzspalter Transport, einfach und sicher mit 3. Stützrad, Posch
    Use your SpaltAxt precisely where you need it. The large solid-rubber wheels with Ø 30 cm and the additional third supporting wheel ensures easy manual transportation. A three-point linkage for the tractor drive is optionally available.
  • Count on the turbo
    Holzspalter im Einsatz, Spaltaxt 10 von POSCH
    The SpaltAxt is also available as turbo model with a higher splitting speed. The engine is particularly low-noise. The Spaltaxt 10 additionally convinces with its greater splitting power reserve and the splitting knife with a length increased by 30% for log diameters up to 40 cm.

The reliable log splitter from POSCH for all requirements

The versatile short-log splitter from POSCH is the perfect equipment for wood processing. The tried-and-tested two-hand switching device with integrated fixing device for the logs to be split - also for logs cut at an angle - makes work particularly easy.

Better by nature

Make your everyday work easier with a series of useful equipment options to make firewood processing br>even easier.
Accessory equipment

Handy accessory equipment for every SpaltAxt

The push-on splitting knife with rollers carries out the work fast and without compromises. The special knife splits the logs quickly and so prevents the split logs from getting stuck during the return movement.

Three-point linkage incl. transport handle. For machines with E-drive (not possible with petrol engine), an optional three-point linkage for tractor transport is available.

Pneumatic tire set for easier transportation. Pneumatic-tired lugged wheels with a diameter of 40 cm make the SpaltAxt even more mobile.

The TURBO short-log splitter

Extremely smooth operation and low-noise

With the TURBO models, the SpaltAxt 8 and the SpaltAxt 10 among the log splitters, you get a high-performance splitter with a higher speed. You do not only profit from a higher splitting speed and return speed, but also from an especially smooth-running unit. You will appreciate the quiet operation of these log splitters right away when your POSCH SpaltAxt slides through the logs quietly and powerfully and then gets ready for action again as quickly as possible.

Watch the SpaltAxt in action here

  • Die SpaltAxt im Detail - POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Holzspalten mit Posch Spaltaxt 10 Turbo Spezial by
  • Der beste stehend Holzspalter von Posch top Qualität / Posch log splitter in action by
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