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Makes woodwork easy

The log splitter with real power

Find the right wood splitter for every application

Log splitter strong & powerful

POSCH offers you the right wood splitter for every volume of timber and every application. This covers the range from high-quality log splitters for private customers to the coveted HydroCombi and the SplitMaster for professional processing.

Log splitters for every application and mode of operation

Billet length
Short logs or metre-long logs?
Split logs up to a length of 250 cm for storage or further processing.
operation mode
vertical or horizontal splitting?
Opt for the most ergonomic solution for effortless working.
type of timber
hardwood or softwood?
POSCH offers up to 55 tons of splitting power for every kind of timber and every diameter.

Find the perfect log splitter

They all have got in common a great quality and determination for performance that demonstrate pure wood splitting power, cubic metre by cubic metre.
Split force
2 55
Dead weight
26 of 26 products
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26 of 26 products
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POSCH log splitter in action

  • Holzspalter mit patentierter Holzfixierung HydroCombi – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Liegendspalter SplitMaster 30 | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Spaltautomat Autosplit für Anmachholz | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Kurzholzspalter Spaltaxt 8 Spezial, robust und sicher – POSCH Leibnitz by

Better solutions for wood splitting applications

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