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The firewood processor for firewood and kindling

Performance data
  • Powerful 10 t Splitting power max.
  • Fast 5 sec per splitting cycle
  • Efficient ∼ 100 bags/hour max.

Produces coveted kindling every second

This automatic wood splitter produces kindling ready for the stove from short round and squared timber pieces in seconds and so turns scrap wood into profitable kindling.

Produce and pack up kindling ready for the stove in one work cycle

Holzspalter für Anmachholz, Zündholzautomat, der Spaltautomat Autosplit für Anzündholz, Anmachholz oder Brennholz
  • Steplessly adjustable kindling thickness
  • Processes round and squared timber
  • The right packaging system
  • Splitting without interruptions
  • Continuous timber supply
  • Safe continuous operation
  • Steplessly adjustable kindling thickness
    Spaltautomat mit einstellbarer Scheitkantenlänge
    With the stepless advance feature from 0 to 12 cm, you can easily and quickly determine the desired timber thickness.
  • Processes round and squared timber
    Spaltautomat verwertet Rund- und Kanholz, Sägewerksabfälle, Schwachholz
    The AutoSplit gives you more options for neat wood processing. The automatic unit processes log lengths between 12 and 33 cm and optionally also processes slabs or boards from sawmills.
  • The right packaging system
    Spaltautomat für Brennholz mit Verpackungssystem
    Opt for loose or stacked packaging, the AutoSplit delivers the right kindling in bags.
  • Splitting without interruptions
    Posch, Anzündholzmaschine, Spaltvorgang, Spaltmesser
    The purely hydraulically controlled feed increases operational safety, the spring-borne feed belt minimises tool wear and exertion of force.
  • Continuous timber supply
    Posch Zündholzautomat Spaltautomat, Holzbeschickung, Rund- und Kantholz, Zufuhr
    The long timber feed chute with handy charging height ensures an optimum and continuous work flow.
  • Safe continuous operation
    Spaltautomat für Dauerbetrieb
    The optional oil cooler  –  standard on the E and the petrol engine model –  extends the service life of the machine in continuous operation (from 4 hours).

The best result with the right product from POSCH.

Fast and efficient firewood processing for all requirements.

Upvalues short pieces of timber considerably

Use the AutoSplit 250 and the AutoSplit 350 to process timber into kindling that is high in demand in next to no time. Load the timber feed chute with the pieces of wood and adjust the desired billet strength steplessly, and the AutoSplit takes care of the rest fully automatically. Every three or five seconds, the V-shaped knife splits the source material, and the bagging chute or the bagging frame delivers kindling stacked in bags or loose as requested. For ergonomic working, the working height can be adjusted directly on the rack.
Anzündholzautomat, Anfeuerholz Spaltautomat, Kantholz, Rundholz

Ideal processing of short logs

As a standard, the AutoSplit 250 processes logs of a length between 16 and 20 cm and can also be equipped with an additional short-log option upon request. With the optional single blade, you can also turn short boards or slabs into kindling and utilise scrap wood from sawmills. The AutoSplit 350 is the specialist for longer logs up to 33 cm and is therefore also suited for producing firewood.

Select the right bagging system for your requirements

You can opt for loose and stacked packaging, suitable for your AutoSplit.
Packaging chute

The bagging system for stacked bagging

The right system for mesh bags with stacked bagging.

  • Spaltautomat für Anzündholz und Brennholz
    Packaging chute
  • Anzündholz Brennholz Anmachholz in der Verpackung
    25 kg mesh bag stacked packaging
  • Mesh bag for regular firewood
Packaging frame

The bagging system for loose bagging

The sliding 2-part frame for mesh bags for loose bagging.

  • Packaging frame
  • 10 kg mesh bag loose packaging
Select a AutoSplit model for more details
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The POSCH Firewood processors AutoSplit & AutoLogger in action

  • Spaltautomat Autosplit für Anmachholz | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • POSCH AutoLogger 420 (Unedited 4 minute video) by
  • Posch Autosplit 350 Automatic Kindling Machine by

Convincing from every perspective: The AutoSplit

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