The horizontal splitters Oscar & Polly allow you to effortlessly produce your own kindling
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Oscar & Polly
Single hand firewood splitting machines

Performance data
  • Splitting power max. 8 t
  • Efficient up to 40 cm Log Ø
  • Billet length max. 50 cm

Oscar & Polly

Polly, the splitting machine with safe 1-hand operation & new, optional lifting device that powerfully splits firewood and kindling.
New member of the wood splitter family: Oscar! The manoeuvrable horizontal splitter for your home is a bit more compact and available with a splitting force of 5 tons and up.

Polly or Oscar: either one makes work safe and effortless thanks to handy single hand operation!

The benefits at a glance

Spaltmaschine, Holzspalter, Ofenholz, Kurzholz, Posch
  • Close the flap and start splitting!
  • Protective polycarbonate enclosure
  • Adjustable splitting stroke for short logs
  • Simple wedge change
  • Comfortable wood storage table
  • Always there when you need it
  • Close the flap and start splitting!
    The splitting process starts automatically once you close the protective polycarbonate enclosure – no second work step required, you only need one hand. After inserting the log, you have a clear view of the splitting channel and one handfree to prepare the next log.
  • Protective polycarbonate enclosure
    Innovative, unique – and protects what we love: You and all people you are working with! Its protective polycarbonate enclosure is transparent and impact-resistant, allowing you to keep check on everything!
  • Adjustable splitting stroke for short logs
    Adjust the splitting stroke to the desired billet length – with one step and entirely without the need for tools. Saves time as the stamp no longer fully retracts. Limit the splitting stroke for shorter logs and save time!
  • Simple wedge change
    Without the need for tools, the splitting wedge is changed in seconds and can be parked on the back of the splitter!
    Polly: Polly's splitting wedge can be hydraulically adjusted to various wood diameters. You receive uniform billets.
  • Comfortable wood storage table
    After the splitting process, you can park the billets on the large wood storage table. If you need even more space, you can opt for the “large” version with an even larger table and an additional shelf on the operator side.
  • Always there when you need it
    Oscar can be moved easily by hand thanks to its manual chassis and two solid rubber wheels.
    Polly: The transport aid (see picture) is standard. Optionally with three-point linkage or chassis.

How about some more?

Whether different splitting knife variants, running gear, larger log rack or turbo model - "tune" your horizontal splitter!

Even larger wood storage table!

With the optional “Large” (Article no. L) wood storage table, Polly and Oscar are capable of storing even more wood. An additional shelf on the operator side for re-working billets is included. Thus, everything is always within reach.

  • Polly: 36 cm longer table
  • Oscar: 25 cm longer table

A bit too much? You can also buy just the additional shelf and retrofit it.

More billets per work cycle!

Oscar is a quick one: with his standard splitting wedge (non-height adjustable) you can split a log into 2 halves and then split these to produce smaller billets. Optionally, you can retrofit a 4-way reversible splitting wedge and flip it depending on the wood diameter.

Polly comes as standard with a 4-way splitting wedge that can be hydraulically adjusted to the log diameter – for centred splitting. This results in uniform billets at varying log diameter. Depending on requirements, 2-, 3- or 6-way wedges are also available.

NEW: Polly is now available with an optional lifting device

Our popular Polly splitting machine not only splits your firewood, it now also lifts it up to processing height! One pull on the lever and your logs are transferred from the ground directly into the splitting channel. This package (optional equipment article no. HL) also includes the “large” wood storage table.

Please note: The lifting device cannot be retrofitted and must be ordered along with the machine.

Oscar & Polly in detail: To the drive systems & possibilities!

Our firewood-making powerhouses:

  • Und der Oscar geht an ... den neuen Liegendspalter von POSCH Leibnitz - für Brenn- und Anzündholz! by
  • Posch Polly Holzspalter by
  • Polly, die neue Spaltmaschine für Kurzholz von POSCH by
  • Brennholz machen mit 1-Hand-Bedienung? Das ist Spaltmaschine Polly von POSCH Leibnitz by
You have to witness true power yourself!

Do you want to watch our Polly in action?
Inquire now and get to know the new splitting machine from POSCH!

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