Say goodbye to chips – with the extraction systems from POSCH Leibnitz!
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POSCH chip extraction systems
For a clean work station

  • Powerful 5.000 m3/h Max. air performance
  • Sturdy 100 kg Min. weight

There’ are always going to be splinters......

Even though sawdust is often referred to as a “man's glitter dust”, work becomes easier when one’s work station is clean and free from dust. After all, woodchips are more than waste – they can be put to good use at home or at the farm.

Our products provide for a low-dust environment

Chip extraction fan

The extraction system is connected directly to the cutting unit by means of an extraction connection. The fan draws in the contaminated air, removing it via the pressure hose. Available in two sizes:

  • Chip extraction system 350S (air performance up to 1,200 m3/h)
    Perfect in combination with all circular saws, automatic firewood saws and smaller firewood processors (e.g. POSCH SpaltFix S-375, K-415, S-415)
  • NEW: Chip extraction system 400 (air performance with 10 m hose length 2.500 m3/h)
    Perfect in combination with the firewood processors SpaltFix K-650 Vario, K-660 a-Vario and the new Zyklon 400.

Less noise. Rotating. More power.
That’s our newly updated chip extraction systems in a nutshell!

NEW: The Zyklon

The chip extraction system transfers the extracted air to the Zyklon via the pressure hose, where large particles and chips are separated before the air is discharged via the air filter. Contaminations can be collected in a container. Available in two sizes:

  • Zyklon 350 (air flow capacity up to 1,500 m3/h)
    Perfect match for chip extraction system 350S. Recommended for all log saws, circular saws, automatic firewood saws and smaller firewood processors up to a log diameter of max. 41 cm (e.g. POSCH SpaltFix S-375, K-415, S-415)
  • Zyklon 400 (Air flow capacity up to 2,500 m3/h)
    Perfect match for chip extraction system 400S. Recommended for large firewood processors up to a log diameter of max. 65 cm (e.g. SpaltFix K-540, SpaltFix K-650 / K-700 Vario or K-710 a-Vario)

With our chip extraction solutions, you create a low-dust working environment and collect the chips in a controlled, centralised manner for further use.

The “350 Dream Team”

The 350S chip extraction system combined with the Zyklon 350. Recommended for log saws, firewood processors and automatic firewood saws up to a log diameter of max. 41 cm (e.g. POSCH SpaltFix S-375, K-415, S-415).

The “400 Dream Team”

The Chip extraction system 400, combined with the Zyklon 400.
You have to witness true power yourself!

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  • Späneabsaugung für Kreissägen – POSCH Leibnitz by
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