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NEW: Tilting saw with conveyor belt
The classic

Performance data
  • Efficient 24 cm Cutting diameter max.
  • Compact 470 kg Weight min.

Are you looking for more than just a classic tilting saw?

Save time and load your firewood directly via the built-in conveyor belt. Our tilting saw with conveyor belt is set up and ready to go in minutes - without complicated processes, mounting of support legs or conveyor belt conversion!

The POSCH benefits at a glance

  • Save time - sawing and loading
  • Ready for use in a few seconds
  • Safely saw with ease
  • Precise billets
  • Probably the smoothest rocker
  • Easy transport
  • Save time - sawing and loading
    The cut billets are automatically transferred to the permanently installed conveyor belt. The transfer area from the saw to the conveyor belt is particularly generously dimensioned and prevents billets from jamming. Even the last billets fall directly onto the conveyor belt without an additional rocking cycle!
  • Ready for use in a few seconds
    Brennholz-machen-Wippsaege-mit-Foerderband-POSCH-Leibnitz-Aktion-Förderband einklappen-StefanLeitner-63
    Via two cable winches – at operating height – the conveyor belt can be folded in or out manually within a few seconds. And the best thing about it: This can be done without any tools or additional conversion work!
  • Safely saw with ease
    The rocker with safety cover can be easily unlocked with the clamp handle. Due to the specially shaped handle, it is easy on your back regardless of your height.
  • Precise billets
    The log-stop is easily adjustable for billet lengths of your choice from 20 to 52 cm, is robustly constructed and guarantees even wood length.
  • Probably the smoothest rocker
    Thanks to the ball-bearing mounted rocker and the integrated spring-power support, the firewood cut – as with all rocker saws from POSCH – is as soft as butter.
  • Easy transport
    The machine is easy to transport and quickly ready for use via the standard three-point hitch or forklift attachment.

Optional equipment for an even better tilting saw with conveyor belt

Make splitting firewood even more comfortable, easier and effortless.
Saw blades

Chose the right circular saw blade for your purpose

Cut longer and more quietly with the WIDIA circular saw blade and its 84 teeth. It provides a 50 % increase in hardwood cutting output and significant noise reductions.

As standard, the tilting saw comes with a chrome-alloy saw blade (70 cm in diameter, 56 teeth).

Accessory equipment

More power and user-friendliness for woodwork

Keeps the workplace clean during cutting

powerful and quiet blower extracts the chips produced and keeps your workplace clean. The handy extraction device is equipped with a 2m suction hose and a 10m pressure hose as well as a hand-geared trolley for easier transportation. A suitable chip extraction connection is available for every POSCH log saw.

Rocker extension for more stability

The rocker extension with its castor wheels makes sure that even large logs are secured fastly. It is available for the tilting saw and can be used at any time when needed. A billet can easily be transported to the next step with the rollers.

Learn everything about the new tilting saw with conveyor belt!

The Product data sheet contains all the technical details on this high-performance firewood saw.

Take a look now >>>

The new POSCH tilting saw with conveyor belt in action

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