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Powerful horizontal wood splitter
equipped with lots of extras

Performance data
  • Powerful 55 t Splitting power max.
  • Large 267 cm Billet length max.
  • Fast 19 / 45 cm/s Return speed max.

The powerful horizontal splitter offers more power for woodwork.

The SplitMaster series from POSCH offers a wide range of high-quality horizontal splitters: from the entry-level model to particularly powerful solutions with a splitting power of up to 55 t and crane charging. The sturdy wood splitters with log lifting device and optional rope winches make work particularly efficient and convenient.

The features of the SplitMaster 30 provide powerful support

Holzspalter liegend Waagrechtspalter Stammheber Stempelvorlauf Holzarbeit Posch
  • Easy on the back thanks to optimised lifting device and log support
  • Precise guidance and sturdy design of the pressure piece
  • Hydraulic splitting knife adjustment and Easy splitting knife
  • Optimised hydraulic system for safe continuous operation
  • Change from transport to work position without tools
  • Optional safety package for multi-person operation
  • Easy on the back thanks to optimised lifting device and log support
    Posch Holzspalter Liegendspalter, Waagrechtspalter mit Stammhebevorrichtung
    The hydraulic log lifter quite easily puts heavy logs in the splitting position. The new bevelled log support makes the repeated splitting of larger logs easier and makes woodwork particularly efficient.
  • Precise guidance and sturdy design of the pressure piece
    Der Holzspalter ist robust durch die massive Bauweise. Das Druckstück des Liegendspalters Splitmaster von Posch
    The sturdy pressure piece is pressed against the splitting knife with full power and even fibrous logs or logs with a lot of branches are easily split completely. The precise guidance ensures a long useful life.
  • Hydraulic splitting knife adjustment and Easy splitting knife
    Posch Liegendspalter Spaltmesser
    The hydraulic splitting knife adjustment easily lets you adjust the splitting tool to the log diameter. The optional Easy splitting knife (figure) makes sure that you require considerably less effort when pulling back larger billets for the next splitting process.
  • Optimised hydraulic system for safe continuous operation
    Posch Holzspalter Liegendspalter, Waagrechtspalter Zentralschmierung
    The professional hydraulic system with large grey cast iron pump ensures a fast splitting cycle even with a low PTO speed. The optional central lubrication system ensures optimum and time-saving maintenance of the SplitMaster at all times.
  • Change from transport to work position without tools
    Holzspalter Liegendpalter in Transportstellung
    The compact design and the sophisticated transport position enable you to get to remote forest areas as well. Your SplitMaster is ready for action just a few minutes after arrival.
  • Optional safety package for multi-person operation
    Holzspalter Liegendspalter Sicherheitspaket
    The retrofittable safety package (comprising three grids, grid attachment, widened log support and safety valve) makes sure that several persons can work on the machine without any risks and dangers.

Special equipment and accessory equipment for an even better SplitMaster

Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment that make firewood processing even easier.
Rope winch

Fast wood supply thanks to rope winch

The optional rope winch effortlessly and quickly pulls even the largest logs to the point of processing. As a result of the high infeed point, the winch is ideally integrated in the operation concept and is handy as it can be folded up for transportation. Gripping tongs and hauling hooks are available for optimum log feeding. Rope winches are available for SplitMaster 30.

Easy splitting knife

Even easier splitting of firewood with the Easy splitting knife

When wood is pressed through the Easy splitting knife, the bottom logs already have the ideal size for storage and further processing. The large logs on the top shelf can easily be pulled back from the splitting knife by means of the included on-hand pick. There is no more convenient, ergonomic and efficient way to process firewood. Available from SplitMaster 26.


Longitudinal chassis for larger radius of action

Every horizontal splitter can be combined with different chassis variants for mobile applications. On request, it can also be approved for road traffic with optional light bar and individual permit.

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The POSCH SplitMaster in action

  • Liegender und stehender Holzspalter im Vergleichstest | landwirt-media.com by
  • Holzspalter liegend, mit Easy-Spaltkreuz und Seilwinde | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Holzspalter liegend, der SplitMaster 20 mit Easy-Spaltmesser – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Posch SplitMaster 9t Holzspalter log splitter by
  • Profi-Holzspalter SplitMaster 35 für Kurzholz. 18 Scheite pro Arbeitsgang | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • posch 3 by

Convincing from every perspective: The SplitMaster 30 with Easy splitting knife

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