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SpaltFix K-415

7. August 2018
No compromises have to be made with the new, compact SpaltFix K-415 firewood processor: the professional chainsaw handles logs up to a diameter of 41 cm.
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SpaltFix K-650 cab

6. July 2018
Mobile cutting, splitting and loading - you can comfortably control all processes from the cab! The SpaltFix K-650 Vario - NEW with cab makes that possible!
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SpaltFix S-410 Multi

22. June 2018
The new stationary firewood processor for more billets without time-consuming knife change: With the MULTI splitting system, the splitting knife can be adjusted hydraulically and adapted to the log diameter - easily with the joystick!
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SmartCut chassis

7. March 2018
Until now, the POSCH SmartCut could be transported with a tractor via the three-point hitch or with a forklift via the forklift support. Now, this firewood saw is optionally available with a tractor chassis.
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Discontinued models from POSCH

10. January 2018
Sometimes, it is time to part with products you have to come to like.... New safety standard about to be implemented!
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Oven-ready Kindling and Firewood with the AutoSplit

4. December 2017
The AutoSplit 350 makes in possible to produce firewood, as well as kindling, in the desired length with just one machine.
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Producing firewood safely with POSCH’s tilting bench saw

12. September 2017
This proven classic is your best choice for those who only cut a little wood every year: Safely and easily cut billets with this Tilting Bench Saw!
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The new POSCH showroom

24. August 2017
And one we can be proud of! For 70 years, POSCH has stood for premium machines whose performance and comfortable operation wows with unrivalled durability. Finally, we can present our devices on a stage that does them justice – curtain up for the new POSCH showroom!
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70 years of POSCH – Quality for Generations

4. August 2017
Since its foundation in 1947, POSCH has stood for outstanding product quality, which benefits our customers everyday. From the start - back then as well as now - our team has worked meticulously in the POSCH workshops to find solutions with real power.
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The new horizontal splitter “SplitMaster”

3. August 2017
The horizontal splitter with a splitting power of 30 t processes logs into billets. Also available as a turbo variant for more speed and set up on chassis.
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Mobile firewood processor SpaltFix K-Vario

7. April 2017
The mobile firewood processor SpaltFix K-Vario produces fine billets with variably adjustable edge length and of premium quality.
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Flexible log charging for firewood processors

4. April 2017
Work faster and more efficiently: log charging system as the perfect accessory equipment for your firewood processor!
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The new LogFix series

10. March 2017
LogFix – separates billets from splinters in next to no time. Suitable for any volume of wood, POSCH offers the LogFix in three different sizes: S, L and XL
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SpaltFix S-410 Vario

4. March 2017
The firewood processor with VARIO-splitting system turns logs into high-quality firewood with adjustable edge length. Now also available with WIDIA-saw blade for wood-Ø up to 41 cm.
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Tilting Saw PLUS with conveyor belt

2. March 2017
The tilting saw PLUS cuts up firewood and logs up to Ø 24 cm and ensures automatic loading.
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SpaltFix S-375 Turbo

17. November 2016
Our SpaltFix S-360 Turbo converts logs to firewood at record speeds
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