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The new highlights from Posch

What you can expect 10.08.2020

Just in time for the start of firewood season in the autumn, POSCH once more presents new developments:
from log splitters to billet cleaning screens, the spectrum is wide. We share some of the details on two new products with you in advance.

Producing firewood with Polly

Since the new safety standard came into effect in 2018, horizontal splitters for short timber are a thing of the past. Staying true to our principles, we looked for a practical and safe solution without taking any detours. And along came Polly. The first splitting machine that can be operated with one hand.

Tischkreissäge von POSCH Leibnitz

One of a kind: The new UniCut

A saw without compromise: The UniCut cuts everything, not just firewood. It is a true jack-of-all-trades, ready to show wood its teeth.

We want to give you a brief introduction to this table saw – join us!

Is that all?

Of course not. More awaits you:
more cutting, more splitting, more firewood producing.
Circular saws
Brennholz-machen-Wippsaege-mit-Foerderband-POSCH-Leibnitz-Aktion-Förderband einklappen-StefanLeitner-63
Tilting saws with conveyor belt
The proven POSCH classic is now also available with conveyor belt. The entry model to cut and load firewood. Now available!
Firewood processor
SpaltFix K-650 Vario with cab
Until recently, only owners of the mobile firewood processor “SpaltFix K-650 Vario” were treated to a comfortable cabin. From now on, the stationary version also allows you to cut, split and load customer-specific firewood from a sheltered cabin!
Billet screen
Would you like to supply your customers with clean firewood? This new log screen does without a motor and marks the entry model for even more high-quality product.

More details await you – coming soon!

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