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Made for generations

The log saws from POSCH

Cut your firewood efficiently and, more importantly, safely

Traditional firewood saw or firewood processor?

Tilting saw or Roller table saw UniCut – one thing is for sure: You always process your round logs effortlessly.
Want even more comfort? Our Firewood saws with conveyor belt cut and load in a single step. For larger quantities our Automatic saws all the way to fully automated high-performance saws AutoCut are the right choice.
The classic saw
Our popular saws for home & farm: Tilting saw or roller bench saw

  • One person operation
  • Cutting diameter max. 24 cm
  • Saw blade 70 cm diameter
  • Drive E-motor, tractor, combined, petrol engine
  • Hourly output 1-3 cubic metres
With conveyor belt
Tilting log saw, extremely smooth-running rocker, ergonomic handle
For more comfort
Directly load your billets: Tilting saw with conveyor belt, EasyCut, SmartCut

  • Operation alone or teams of two
  • Cutting diameter 20 or max. 24 cm
  • Saw blade 70 cm diameter
  • Drive E-motor, tractor, combined
  • Hourly output 3-6 cubic metres
Fully automatic
AutoCut | POSCH Leibnitz
For large-scale firewood processing
Measure, cut and load: SmartCut Comfort, AutoCut

  • Operation alone or teams of two
  • Cutting diameter 20 or max. 24 cm
  • Saw blade WIDIA 70 cm diameter
  • Drive E-motor, tractor, combined
  • Hourly output up to 15 cubic metres

Here you find the optimum log saw for your application

Rely on the best quality, cut for cut

Good to know: Our various drive systems

Electric motor with direct drive
Saw blade mounted on the motor shaft with direct transmission of the motor power to the saw blade.

Electric motor with V-belt drive
For optimum cutting speed, increased cutting performance and less required force. The electric motor is connected with the saw blade by means of the V-belt and is overload-protected.

PTO shaft drive by tractor
PTO alone or in combination with an electric motor also works independently of the power supply.

Petrol engine
Driven by a V-belt via the 4-stroke petrol engine, this multi-purpose solution can be used everywhere independently of the power supply.

Watch the POSCH firewood saws in action

  • Der Klassiker: Wippsäge jetzt mit Förderband - NEU von POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Sägeautomat SmartCut , komfortabel und ohne Stress Brennholz sägen – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Späneabsaugung für Kreissägen – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Sägeautomat AutoCut sägt Brennholz ohne Reststück | POSCH by
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