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Saw firewood safely and efficiently with our circular saws

With a classic firewood saw or a POSCH automatic log saw, you can process logs with ease. The tilting saw or roller bench saws impress with their extreme ease of movement, robustness and ergonomics. Saw our firewood saws with a conveyor belt and load them in one go. For larger quantities, the automatic saws through to the fully automatic high-performance saw AutoCut are the right choice.

The firewood saws from POSCH

Tilting saws / Roller-bench saws

Faster and safer cutting

Our log saws are built for generations. You can choose thethe tilting saw or the roller-bench saw. All saw types have the sturdy design in common.  The chromium alloy saw blade with a diameter of 70 cm cuts firewood up to 24 cm. The large solid rubber wheels with a diameter of 30 cm or the three-point linkage enable convenient transportation, and you can start working fast. The tilting versions ensure additional safety during the cutting process. For example, the design of the easy-to-use rocker prevents the wood from turning. And the height-adjustable rocker handle ensures optimum ergonomics for every height.

Drive variants

The best drive variants of the manual saws

Direct drive
The saw blade is mounted on the engine shaft with direct transmission of the engine power to the saw blade.

V-belt drive
For optimum cutting speed, higher cutting performance and exertion of less force. The engine is connected with the saw blade via the V-belt and protected from overload.

PTO drive
With tractor drive alone or in combination with an E-motor, this variable solution also works independently of the power supply.

Petrol engine
With V-belt drive via the 4-stroke petrol engine, this multi-purpose solution can be used everywhere independently of the power supply.

Saw blades

Longer useful life and reduced noise level

The POSCH circular saws are equipped with a chromium alloy 70 cm saw blade as standard. For heavy-duty use and long cutting hours, we recommend our special WIDIA hard metal saw blades that make less noise and have a longer useful life. Compared to chromium alloy saw blades, they work much more quietly while requiring less power and in addition extend the cutting time 8 to 10 times because they have to be sharpened less often too. For precise lengthwise and split cutting, we recommend a Hannibal saw blade that delivers best results even with less engine power. The cluster-toothed saw teeth are self-cleaning due to the design and so ensure neat cutting.

See all circular saw blades

Firewood sawing and loading in one work step

Log saws with conveyor belt

All firewood saws with conveyor belt

The hand-operated Wippcut and EasyCut – firewood saw with conveyor – cuts logs up to Ø 20 cm. They can be operated alone or by two people, which increases the cutting performance. With the SmartCut and AutoCut sawing machines, sawing is done by machine. If the desired cutting length of the SmartCut is defined via the length stop, the AutoCut visually measures the inserted logs and shortens them to the desired length – on request without remnant. Ideally, it will create up to 15 cubic meters per hour.


Safe cutting with innovative concept

The firewood saws EasyCut and SmartCut

Time-saving and safe: The operation of EasyCut provides a considerable advantage in terms of speed. The patented, undulated stop lets you adjust the desired billet length without tools in just a few steps. For subsequent operation, the timber to be cut is put in the ergonomic timber trough and automatically glides up to the stop. So you can process more firewood alone or with another person.

Load stress-free and saw automatically:  The operator slides the material to be cut in the timber trough that stands still at an ergonomic height. The rest is done by the SmartCut in one work step, and the billets cut the desired length are automatically ejected via the conveyor belt.

The precision sawing machine

The revolutionary sawing concept for more power

With the AutoCut, an outstanding sawing solution conquers the market with special user-friendliness and an incredible performance advantage. Under ideal conditions, one single operator processes up to 15 cubic metres of firewood per hour. The combination of EasyGo feed system (patent pending) and CutControl precisely cuts every log to the requested length and cuts up your firewood without undesirable offcuts as well on request.


See the POSCH firewood saws in action

  • Sägeautomat AutoCut sägt Brennholz ohne Reststück | POSCH by
  • Sägeautomat SmartCut , komfortabel und ohne Stress Brennholz sägen – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Späneabsaugung für Kreissägen – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Tisch-Wippkreissäge - POSCH Leibnitz by

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