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The powerful automatic sawing machine

Performance data
  • Efficient 4 – 5 Billets D15
  • Compact 1,250 kg Weight min.
  • Fast 10 – 15 m³/hour

The revolutionary saw with digital cutting length control

This fully automatic firewood saw processes up to 15 cubic metres of cord firewood per hour with only one operator. The AutoCut is extremely powerful and incredibly precise at the same time. Every piece is cut precisely to the specified length and also loaded right away in one work step. Undesirable offcuts are a thing of the past.

Only the AutoCut has these unique features

Sägeautomat mit intelligenter Schnittlängen-Einstellung
  • Patented EasyGo feed system
  • CutControl length setting
  • Maximum performance at high speed
  • Ergonomic charging
  • Cutting and loading in one work step
  • Ready for use quickly, everywhere
  • Patented EasyGo feed system
    Sägeautomat mit EasyGo, Holzvorschub
    Thanks to this technological masterpiece, every billet is measured visually and automatically cut to the precise length setting. The AutoCut either produces precise billets according to specifications or makes sure that no offcuts are produced.
  • CutControl length setting
    Select the desired length and the tolerances for the billets very easily on the touch screen. In a self-explanatory way, the length can be set quite variably from a billet length of 12 cm in seconds without having to use tools.
  • Maximum performance at high speed
    Sägeautomat, Kreissäge mit WIDIA Kreissägeblatt, Brennholz sägen
    The continuous chain feed puts up to 5 billets (D15) in the sawing position at the same time. Thanks to the fast mode, the two pusher dogs ideally achieve a maximum output of up to 15 cubic metres per hour.
  • Ergonomic charging
    Hochleistungs-Sägeautomat, Kreissäge mit WIDIA Kreissägeblatt, Holz beschicken
    The AutoCut guarantees particularly convenient firewood cutting. At a convenient working height of 100 cm, the resting timber trough takes up the cordwood and then turns it into firewood of the desired length fully automatically.
  • Cutting and loading in one work step
    Sägeautomat, Brennholz sägen mit Förderband
    By way of the standard timber chute, the AutoCut immediately passes the billets on to a trailer or another packaging solution. An optional conveyor belt (available in different lengths) makes it even more powerful and efficient.
  • Ready for use quickly, everywhere
    automatische Brennholzsäge mit Längsfahrwerk
    The compact AutoCut is available as a stationary machine (forklift transportation), with tractor chassis or with a suitable road chassis. The standard folding timber chute or the optional angled conveyor belt quickly switches it from the transport to the work position.

Curious about the unique innovation from POSCH?

The product data sheet for the POSCH AutoCut contains all the exciting details about the fast and efficient firewood saw.

Sensational high sawing speed for maximum efficiency

Depending on cutting length and billet size, the fully automatic firewood saw ideally processes 15 cubic metres per hour with one operator.
Sägeautomat für Brennholz, automatische Einstellung der Scheitholzlänge bzw. Schnittlänge

Precise length setting for every billet

The touch screen of the electronic control can be used to adjust the desired cutting length and the admissible length deviation of the ready-to-use billets very easily. Every billet is processed according to the specifications (billet length, cutting length and tolerances). In that way, either no offcut is produced or the cordwood is divided up in billets of the same length with offcut.

Sägeautomat AutoCut im Einsatz

Easy and safe feeding

Cord firewood of a length of up to 120 cm can be placed continuously in the resting timber trough at an ergonomic height. EasyGo, the continuous chain feed with fast mode and two pusher dogs, feeds the timber past the visual measurement sensor to the saw blade. The precise measurement of the billet length and the sawing into ready-to-use billets of the desired length are realised by the electronic control.

Top performer among saws

The high-grade WIDIA circular saw blade (Ø 70 cm) in reinforced design especially for automatic saws precisely cuts through the automatically fixed timber. The ready-to-use billets are loaded by way of a timber chute or an optional conveyor belt. The AutoCut enables convenient firewood cutting with an output of 10-15 cubic metres per hour.

Special equipment ex works and accessory equipment for an even better AutoCut

Make your everyday life easier with a number of useful special accessories in order to make firewood processing even more convenient for you.
Chassis & accessory equipment

Geared to your requirements


The compact AutoCut is delivered as a stationary unit as standard. Thanks to suitable preparations for forklift transportation, it can be positioned in the right place quickly and easily. In addition, a suitable tractor chassis or a road chassis (max. 80 km/h) are also available for the AutoCut for improved mobility and a larger work radius.

PTO unit

An additional drive option makes your AutoCut even more flexible. The PTO unit with 30kVA is driven by an additional PTO drive and makes the AutoCut independent of any stationary power supply.

Timber support

A whole bundle of logs is transported directly to the timber support of the AutoCut when necessary. In that way, the automatic firewood saw is charged as quickly as possible on an ergonomic height.

  • AutoCut mit Längsfahrwerk
    Road chassis
  • Sägeautomat Apparat für den Antrieb über Zapfwelle
    PTO unit
  • Timber support
Chip extraction blower

Quick and neat working

Chip extraction blower

A powerful, low-noise blower vacuums off all the chips that are produced, and your workplace remains clean. The chip extraction blower is equipped with a 2 m suction hose (∅ 15 cm) and an 8 m pressure hose (∅ 10 cm). It can easily be transported to the operating site by means of the hand-geared trolley.

Chip extraction blower

  • Gebläse zur Späneabsaugung
    Chip extraction blower
Conveyor belts

Cutting and loading in one work cycle

Conveyor belts

As a standard, the AutoCut is equipped with a timber chute (ejection height 100 cm) which passes on the finished billets. An integrated angled conveyor belt is optionally available for the AutoCut. Additional conveyor belts with ejection heights up to 3.0 m can be integrated in the work process on request.

More products for billet logistics


PackFix Hydro

The packaging machine lets you dry, store and deliver the finished product from the AutoCut in the perfect packaging right away.

PackFix Hydro

Fast and profitable sawing
with the AutoCut
product details autocut

The POSCH AutoCut in action

  • Meterscheite mit dem Sägeautomat AutoCut sägen. Praktische Bündelablage optional – POSCH by
  • Sägeautomat AutoCut sägt Brennholz ohne Reststück | POSCH by
  • Posch Autocut by
  • Brennholz schneiden mit Posch AutoCut | by
  • Automatisch Brennholz sägen mit Schnittlängenkontrolle | POSCH Leibnitz by
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