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Billet handling

More profit
in wood processing

This makes conveying, cleaning, loading and packing up considerably easier.

True efficiency for billet handling

With POSCH solutions, you can expand your production and improve your firewood quality. Transporting, cleaning, packing up and >loading have never been so easy. The individual work steps constitute a seamless work flow. The great hourly output and the great input power make sure that even large facilities never stand idle any more, and you profit from improved billet quality and increased profitability hour after hour.
You have to witness true power yourself!

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Customised solutions for controlled and neat billet handling

The sophisticated billet handling solutions from POSCH make the handling of short and metre-long billets easier. This makes conveying, cleaning, loading and packing up considerably easier.
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More efficiency for wood processing

A high product quality and a high hourly output are the defined goals of the development of POSCH equipment for improved billet handling.
Brennholz verpacken Netzverpackung Doppel-Drehtisch

High product quality and high hourly output

These are the defined goals of the development of POSCH equipment for improved billet handling. Mobile elbow conveyor belts or similar helpful solutions are already integrated in many of our semi- or fully automatic saws and split cutters. All others are pre-equipped for the respective retrofitting options. In that way, further conveyor belts, interim storage solutions or packaging systems can be connected with each other seamlessly.

Scheitholz Brennholz-LogFix Reinigung Scheitholzsieb Logfill

Put together all units flexibly according to your personal requirements

Our units work together seamlessly and always do a good job, and on request, they can also be used outside the farm grounds due to the high degree of flexibility and transportability. Together with the automatic saws and naturally particularly with the split cutters of the SpaltFix series, this results in maximum efficiency. Less manual labour and fewer operators considerably increase the profit generated with timber processing.

Neat billets of great quality fetch a better price on the market and make firewood processing more profitable.

Brennholz-Förderband Brennholzverpackung Brennholz-Reinigung

See the POSCH solutions for billet handling in action

  • Scheitholz Verpackung mit PackFix – POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Posch Packfix bemutató Sopron innoLignum by
  • Posch LogFill Plus / www.kaminholz-huelser.de by
  • Mit dem Scheitholzreiniger LogFix XL im Handumdrehen sauberes Brennholz | POSCH Leibnitz by

The best solutions for billet handling

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