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LogFix & LogCleaner
The cleaning pro's for firewood

Performance data
  • Efficient 60 Cubic metres/h
  • Large 3,5 x 1m Screen surface
  • High 2,1 m Transfer height

The Log series for clean billets!

Supply your customers with clean and thus more premium billets!
Brennholzautomat, Förderband, Posch

The LogFix series with e-drive

Rotating rollers remove unwanted objects such as chips, bark and splinters from every billet.
LogFix is available in three sizes (S, L and XL) for every quantity of wood.
The rollers turn at 50 rpm and barely make any noise. Via the funnel underneath the screen, residual wood is transferred to a suitable container or an optional conveyor belt. The radio remote control functionality is used to switch the LogFix on and off with ease.

NEW: LogCleaner, drive-system-independent

Are you looking for a simpler and more compact solution? Look no further than our entry-level LogCleaner model: With its cleaning performance of up to 25 cubic metres per hour its screening rods remove bark and splinters from every billet which then fall through its grate and into the BigBag mounted underneath. The bark thus collected can be used as kindling.

The POSCH LogFix in action

  • Simple Lösung für sauberes Brennholz: LogCleaner - kompakt & antriebsunabhängig - POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Mit dem Scheitholzreiniger LogFix XL im Handumdrehen sauberes Brennholz | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Brennholz Boersch by
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