All-round saw that makes no compromises: UniCut by POSCH
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UniCut roller bench saw
One saw, three functions

Performance data
  • Efficient up to 24 cm Cut diameter
  • Saw blade 70 cm ⌀
  • Compakt from 165 kg

More than a table saw

The new UniCut is unique.
With the UniCut base model, you can turn logs into firewood in no time: And this saw can do more still…

In addition to firewood, would you like to produce wooden posts and make longitudinal cuts? Optional extensions make this saw truly flexible.

Chose the right model for your purpose:

Base model for cutting firewood

As standard, the unit comes with a roller bench saw for cutting firewood. Thus equipped, you can turn logs into firewood in a jiffy.

Longitudinal cutting saw

Would you like to cut your boards length-wise or split them? Order this version when ordering your first unit or as a retrofitting kit: Your saw is converted and ready for cutting in no time.

Sharpening and cutting saw

Sharpen the round logs and, if needed, split them in the middle. The result are perfect posts, for instance for a natural fence. Simple and quick.

The benefits at a glance

  • One circular table saw – three possibilities
  • Longitudinal and transver operation possible
  • On the safe side
  • Large sawing table for safe positioning
  • Good stability with integrated brake
  • Robust yet mobile
  • One circular table saw – three possibilities
    UniCut turns logs into grazing poles in seconds. Use the saw blades to sharpen the round logs and, if needed, split them in the middle. With optional accessories, you can also use it to produce firewood and make longitudinal cuts.
  • Longitudinal and transver operation possible
    This table saw is equipped with an angular gear (when driven via a PTO shaft). This makes it possible to use it even at an angle to the tractor.
  • On the safe side
    The robust safety housing protects your hands from accidentally reaching into the saw blade. But it still allows you to work efficiently: The transparent polycarbonate cover gives you a good view of the circular saw blade and the work process.
  • Large sawing table for safe positioning
    Material to be cut can be kept safely on the large 150 × 85 cm support table. This provides you with comfort and lots of space.
  • Good stability with integrated brake
    Tischkreissaege-Holzpfaehle-spitzen-trennen-Brennholz-Laengsschnitt-UniCut-POSCH-Leibnitz-Aktion-ohne Bediener-Rinder-StefanLeitner-78
    The brake (on models with e-drive) fixes the saw during operation and secures the wheels accordingly.
  • Robust yet mobile
    The UniCut is easy to transport to its place of use. Despite its solid construction, you can easily transport your UniCut on the large solid rubber wheels. A transport aid is included with the PTO drive with three-point linkage.

Upgrade your UniCut with more equipment

Saw blades

Add now: The powerful WIDIA saw blade

Less noise and longer cutting with the WIDIA log saw blade with 84 teeth. It provides a 50 % increase in hardwood cutting output and significant noise reductions.

As standard, the saw is equipped with a high-quality, chrome-alloy standard saw blade.


Keeps the workplace clean during cutting

powerful and quiet blower extracts the chips produced and keeps your workplace clean. The handy extraction device is equipped with a 2m suction hose and a 10m pressure hose as well as a hand-geared trolley for easier transportation. A suitable chip extraction connection is available for every POSCH log saw.

The new UniCut in action!

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