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The solution for professionals

Performance data
  • Efficient 7-24 cm Log Ø max.
  • Sturdy 294 kg Weight min.

Turn each log into a post in no time

The machine is convenient and safe to operate, debarks any round timber and helps you to prepare it for the intended purpose.
Entrindungsmaschine, Rundholz einfach schälen und spitzen für Ihren Zaun

SchälProfi: The ideal processing of wood

Makes debarking and pointing in one work step possible. With the debarking machine for professionals, the log only has to be placed on the feeding device, and the debarking process is started automatically. With the infinitely adjustable feed, you can easily adjust the surface quality and so get your desired result more quickly. With a log diameter of 15 cm, the machine achieves 9 running metres per minute. The chamfering device, the built-in ejector fan for discharging the chips produced and the optional guide for logs that are more than 3 metres long make debarking as easy as possible.

POSCH SchälProfi

The SchälProfi - simple debarking and pointing of round timber
product details schälprofi

The SchälProfi convinces with its infinitely adjustable feed and the great debarking capacity.

The POSCH SchälProfi in action

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