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Fully automatic cutting of firewood without offcuts

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  • 23 cm Cutting– Ø max.
  • 1.250 kg Weight min.
  • 10–15 Cubic metres/h
The fully automatic firewood processor ideally achieves, depending on cutting length and billet size, a throughput of 15 cubic metres per hour with one operator. With the touchscreen of the electronic control unit, you can easily set the desired cutting length and the admissible length deviations of the billets ready for the stove.
Cord firewood with a max. length of 120 cm can be put continuously in the timber trough at an ergonomic height. The continuous feed passes the timber past the optical measurement sensor to the saw blade. The precise measurement of the billet length and the cutting to the desired length into billets ready for the stove is realised by the electronic control unit.
Every billet is sawn (depending on billet length, cutting length and tolerances) in such a way that no offcuts are produced, or cut into billets of the same lengths with offcut. The billets ready for the stove are loaded via a timber chute or by means of a conveyor belt.

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  • EasyGo – feed system with integrated log length measurement for uniform billets without offcuts
  • Adjustment of the cutting lenght and the tolerances via CutControl with touchscreen
  • High-quality WIDIA circular saw blade Ø 70 cm in reinforced design especially for automatic saws
  • Max. cutting diameter 23 cm or 4-5 billets D15 for max. output of 15 cubic metres per hour.
  • Billet length max. 200 cm
  • Ergonomic feed height at a height of approx. 100 cm
  • V-belt drive for optimum cutting speed and higher cutting power
  • Automatic speed monitoring
  • Stationary model with forklift attachment
  • Ejection via timber chute with ejection height 100 cm


Select the right AutoCut based on drive type.
Article no. Type Propulsion Weight
list price
excl. VAT
Standing model, 15 kW E-Motor 400V, S6 and 5.5 kW E-Motor 400V, S6, CEE 32A, 24V onboard system, wood slide after saw with discharge height of approx. 1 m

E-drive: with motor circuit breaker and phase inverter

1400 37.800,00
3x 400V, 50Hz
  • Tractor via PTO unit 35 kVA, PTO shaft speed 450 rpm, additional CEE 16A voltage supply at unit
  • 15 kW E-Motor 400V, S6 and 5.5 kW E-Motor 400V, S6, CEE 32A, 24V onboard system, wood slide after saw with discharge height of approx. 1 m

Tractor drive: universal shaft required, E-drive: motor circuit breaker and phase inverter

1620 43.000,00
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Conveyor belts
Select the right conveyor belt length.
Article no. Description ejection height
max. m
list price
excl. VAT
Conveyor belt 1.5 m hydraulically folding 1,6 - 2,5 140 1.800,00
Conveyor belt 2.5 m double-action hydraulically folding 1.6 - 3.3 250 3.300,00
Swivel conveyor belt 5 m, double-action hydraulically folding, inclination hydraulically adjustable and vertically swivelling +/- 40° and +/- 3.0 m 2.4 - 3.4 530 9.600,00
  • Work position of the conveyor belt
  • Transport position of the conveyor belt
Special equipment
Make your work routine easier with a seriesof useful additional pieces of equipment. With original equipment incl. assembly.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Oil cooler recommended for continuous operation (from 4 hours) or for use above 30°C outdoor temperature. Advantage: longer service life of the hydraulic components due to less wear, matches AutoCut / PowerCut 650 1.270,00
  • PTO unit
  • Longitudinal tractor chassis
Only possible with initial equipment, incl. assembly.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Tractor longitudinal chassis with hydraulic support foot. Transportation on public roads not permitted only for use on private property (e.g. lumberyard) 3.400,00
Road chassis 80 km/h, overrun brake, height- adjustable articulating drawbar, ball hitch 100 kg drawbar load, detachable underride guard with lightbar, max. overall weight: 2,300 kg 11.000,00
Light bar for chassis (for machines with LT tractor chassis) 590,00
  • Longitudinal tractor chassis
Accessory equipment
Handy accessory equipment for more power and convenience for wood processing.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Log saw blade Ø 70 cm, WIDIA 495,00
Walterscheid W-Line joint shaft for tractor chassis 410,00
Joint shaft Walterscheid W-Line for road chassis 380,00
Log support bracket for fast feed at ergonomically correct height. Only in combination with AutoCut Z and tractor longitudinal chassis (T) 2.100,00
  • Log support for bundles

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