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SensoSplit 35

The splitter with a light sensor for automatic firewood production

The splitting machine for short logs 01.10.2019

The new automatic machine likes to split:
Round logs with a max. length of 50 cm and a max. diameter of 50 cm.
What makes the automatic splitter so special?
It can be operated by one person alone, it splits automatically and is supported by state-of-the-art technology: Light sensors
detect, when hands approach the danger zone and stop the process. Hands are safe, everything is fine.

Automatic safe(r) splitting.
With sensor.

Compared to the predecessor model, the POSCH SplitMaster 35, the operator triggers the splitting process on the new model SensoSplit with a single, short lever activation. The automatic wood splitting machine does the rest on its own: with a splitting force of 35 tons and Autospeed*, the short log is pressed against the splitting knife. The generously designed splitting area is secured by a light grid (AOPD sensors): as soon as the light curtain is broken, the pressure element stops immediately and only resumes work when the danger zone is clear again.

*The splitter automatically selects the required splitting pressure and the required working speed.

Automatically more feeding options.

The machine is loaded at a height of 88 cm. The optionally available work- or feeding table facilitates the feeding of wood: several logs can be parked directly on the table and the machine can be fed faster and easier.

A further possibility is to bring the round wood to the SensoSplit via a hydraulically operated wood feeder belter e.g. when feeding directly from the ground.

Automatischer-Spalter-Spaltautomat-SensoSplit-35-POSCH-Leibnitz-Spaltmesser in Aktion

Up to 18 billets automatically.

Up to 18 billets automatically. The different knife variations are all hydraulically adjustable. Choose between a splitting knife for 4, 6 or 8 billets or a ring splitting knife – for up to 18 billets per log cut. All splitting knives in detail

The finished billets are loaded directly onto the 4 or 6 m long conveyor belt. And that’s it. In the meantime, you can reload the SensoSplit with billets.

If you prefer to be mobile, choose a longitudinal chassis. The automatic splitter is available with electric motor and PTO drive.

The SensoSplit 35 in action

  • Posch Sensosplit 35 doing the hard yards inNZ by
  • Brennholzspalter mit Lichtsensor: SensoSplit 35 | POSCH Leibnitz by
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