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Proven billet cleaning - newly updated

The LogFix models

Available in 3 sizes

Clean and powerful 15.09.2021

Customers increasingly look for clean firewood that they can comfortably store in their flats or houses. We have newly updated our POSCH LogFix models which now shoulder a cleaning capacity of up to 60 m3 per hour.

Firewood cleaning professionals

When wood is logged, cut and processed into firewood, it is only logical that dust, woodchips, dirt and splinters cling to it. Some customers are happy with that, others want to have their wood cleaned before storage. Our new screening machines do just that in the course of firewood production itself. The billets are guided over rollers, where vibration removes loose pieces.

Why clean firewood?
The benefits:

  • You produce clean firewood free of dust, dirt and loose bark pieces.
  • You deliver firewood of uniform size as small splinters and potential kindling is removed in the course of production.
  • You supply your customers with premium firewood which you can charge a higher retail price for.
    Screened chips, bark and splinters can later be processed into / sold as kindling.
  • You stand out from competitors, achieve higher retail prices, meet customer demands and increase customer satisfaction!

Which LogFix model is right for me?

Which LogFix model is the one for you depends on the following factors:
  • Demands towards cleaning performance – i.e. whether you only want to remove dust and dirt or also splinters / kindling.
  • Hourly cleaning performance (up to 15, up to 30 or up to 60 m3 / hour) and
  • how you want to feed your billet cleaner (log saw, conveyor belt, front loader)?

Available in 3 sizes

That’s why we have updated our LogFix models to match your potential cleaning capacity and performance. The result are three versions that differ by their maximum hourly throughput:

  • LogFix 15 (formerly LogFix S & L),
  • LogFix 30 (NEW) and
  • LogFix 60 (formerly LogFix XL).

Depending on the model, they are driven by an e-motor or via your tractor’s hydraulics.

Perfect processing – including residual wood

Collect accruing bark / residual material and turn it into e.g. kindling, use it in a woodchip heating system or as an intermediate layer in your raised vegetable bed.

More details on our LogFix models!
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