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Powerful splitting with 22 kw e-motor, 400V, S6, CEE32A power connection

SpaltFix S-377 Multi

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Stationary. Compact.
SpaltFix S-377 Multi. 24.02.2020

Our high-performance firewood processors pack serious punch! One aspect that is often overlooked is the fact that a high-voltage connection of 64 ampere is not always available.
POSCH’s new SpaltFix S-377 Multi packs serious punch with a
22 kw e-motor, 400V, S6, CEE 32A device plug!
Joystick, Sägespalter, Posch

Simply powerful.

Are you looking for a compact yet powerful firewood processor? Look no further: The SpaltFix S-377 Multi. Its special feature is its 22 kw e-motor, 400V, S6 for 32A power connection.

CEE32 power connection while conventional machines only come with a 63A plug. It cuts with a 90-cm WIDIA saw blade and splits with an adjustable frame wedge with a whopping 15 tons of splitting force.

Entire logs with a diameter of up to 37 cm are controlled by the operator via joystick: from feeding to cutting/splitting process to loading.

Key firewood processor data

SpaltFix S-377 Multi

  • Log diameter 10-37 cm
  • Billet length 20-50 cm (adjustable in 1 cm increments)
  • Number of billets max. per cycle 12
  • Hydraulic log feeding with 1.1-m feeding belt
  • Cutting system WIDIA saw blade ∅ 90 cm
  • Hydraulic saw feed system with automated stop ventilation and double gripper
  • MULTI splitting system, no wedge changing required
  • Splitting force 15 tons
  • Stamp advance/return speed 33/36 cm/s with Autospeed
  • Chip extraction connector ∅ 15 cm
  • Oil cooler
  • Manipulator, SawControl, automatic central lubrication optional
  • Drive: PTO shaft or combined (22 kw e-motor, 400V, S6 with CEE32A power connection)
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