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Automatic firewood machine AutoLogger 420

Misshapen or oversized wood? Make it profitable!

Processes wood of poor initial quality

Access to oversize or misshapen timber? Why not make it profitable! 30.09.2019

Many firewood producers often have access to oversized or misshapen timber, however this material (although it can be sourced cheaply or even sometimes for free) is unfortunately not suitable for conventional firewood processors, due to its size or shape. This is where the new AutoLogger from POSCH comes into its own. It’s specifically designed to convert precisely this scrap wood into profitable firewood or kindling wood - completely automatically!
Posch Spaltautomat Logsplitter automatic AutoLogger

How does the AutoLogger work?


  • Loading is simply done via the buffer conveyor.
  • An X-shaped splitting knife automatically transforms the trunk sections into firewood or kindling
  • A conveyor belt either transports the logs away or
  • the firewood is packed directly into net bags.


Posch Spaltautomat Logsplitter automatic AutoLogger

The key data

  • For logs of 10-41 cm diameter
  • Log length 12-33 cm
  • Variable length of the log edge (from 3 to 10 cm length)
  • Up to 25 logs per operation, depending on edge length
  • 12 tons splitting force
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Operator platform
  • Buffer conveyor can be folded up via manual rope winch
  • Fork-lift support

More informationen about the AutoLogger >>

Which wood is suitable for the splitting machine?

  • Wood of poor quality which is not suitable for conventional purposes
  • Wood that needs to be prepared with a chainsaw (interesting for arborists), e.g. arb waste
  • Half logs: e.g you could split down an 80 cm log in half on a HydroCombi and then put it through the  AutoLogger
  • Timber or tree trunk sections, timber offcuts
  • Wind-blown trees

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