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Roller-bench log saw
the safe saw with roller bench

Performance data
  • Efficient 24 cm Cutting diameter max.
  • Compact 172 kg Weight min.

Easy and safe
firewood cutting

Every log saw from POSCH ensures safe and efficient cutting of your firewood. The ball-bearing-mounted table guide of the roller-bench log saw ensures optimum user friendliness. Different drive variants such as electric motor or PTO are available.

The POSCH benefits at a glance

  • Little power required for cutting
  • Large cutting table for safe storage
  • Handle for more safety
  • Ready for use everywhere on farms
  • Longitudinal and cross drive of the saw possible
  • Great stability due to integrated brake
  • Little power required for cutting
    Rolltischsäge elektrischer Antrieb, Posch
    The smooth-operating and ball-bearing-mounted table guide with end-position dampening ensures optimum user friendliness. Every billet smoothly glides through the saw blade and returns in the start position with a flowing movement.
  • Large cutting table for safe storage
    Auflagetisch, Kreissäge für Brennholz
    The logs to be cut are safely stored on the >large support table with 150 × 85 cm. It provides enough space for easy and safe cutting.
  • Handle for more safety
    Kreissäge, Sicherheit beim Brennholz Sägen
    The safety handle prevents you from reaching into the saw blade by accident, the danger zone is covered.
  • Ready for use everywhere on farms
    The roller-bench log saw can easily be transported to the work site. More light-weight models are equipped with large, standard solid-rubber wheels. The PTO model with three-point linkage is equipped with a transport aid.
  • Longitudinal and cross drive of the saw possible
    Rolltischsäge, Traktor, Zapfwelle, Posch
    The roller-bench saw has an angular gearbox as a standard. That also enables operation in a transverse position to the tractor.
  • Great stability due to integrated brake
    The wheel brake (on models with E-drive) fixes the saw during work and secures the wheels accordingly. Naturally, it can also be released quickly so that the roller-bench saw can be moved easily.

Optional equipment for an even better roller-bench log saw

Make work easier for you with a series of additional equipment options which make firewood processing even more convenient for you.
Saw blades

Order right away: the powerful WIDIA saw blade

Longer cutting with less noise with the WIDIA log saw blade with 84 teeth. It ensures a 50 % higher cutting power for hardwood and a considerable noise reduction. POSCH offers you a wide range of high-grade saw blades for more power and a longer service life.

In addition to the WIDIA log saw blades, you can also choose a high-grade, chromium-alloy standard saw blade or the professional longitudinal cutting version with Hannibal teeth.

All log saw blades in detail ⟩

Chip extraction

For tidy sawing

A powerful and low-noise blower ensures the extraction of chips and keeps your workplace tidy. The handy extraction unit is equipped with a 2-m suction hose and a10-m pressure hose and a hand-geared trolley for easier transportation. A suitable chip extraction connection is available for every POSCH log saw.

To the chip extraction unit ⟩

The POSCH roller-bench log saw in action

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