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AutoSplit 350

Oven-ready Kindling and Firewood

The Multitalent for the Production of Kindling and Firewood

So Your Wood Catches Fire Faster 04.12.2017

Kindling is perfect for lighting a fire fast. The POSCH AutoSplit has the advantage of being able to produce oven-ready kindling, as well as firewood, in a length of up to 33 cm. So there is nothing standing in the way of a warm fireplace in the cold winter months!
Posch gestapelte Verpackung für kleines Scheitholz

Sought-After Kindling, Packaged and Ready to Go!

With the AutoSplit 350 you can turn logs, boards or slabs with a length of 25-33 cm into firewood. The raw material is fed into the core of the machine, via the wood-feed chute, to the splitting unit with the X-shaped splitting knife. The finished, clean logs are then packed directly into bags (loose or stacked) via the optional packing unit.

Anzündholzautomat, Anfeuerholz Spaltautomat, Kantholz, Rundholz

The Production of Firewood is Also Possible

A clear advantage: the splitting machine can also process longer logs of up to 33 cm. This makes the AutoSplit 350 equally suitable for the production of firewood. With a splitting force of 10 tons, logs up to 35 cm in diameter and squared lumber up to 30 cm in edge length can be split effortlessly into logs to your desired length!

The automatic kindling and firewood machine and firewood machine is available with electric motor, petrol motor and PTO drive.

The POSCH AutoSplit 350 in Action

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