SpaltFix K-415: the compact firewood processor with chainsaw
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The SpaltFix K-415

Compact, with professional chainsaw

Compact powerhouse with chainsaw 07.08.2018

Premiere: At this year's Interforst in Munich, the new, compact firewood processor with professional chainsaw and joystick operation for logs up to a diameter of 41 cm was presented.
Sägespalter mit Kettensäge, Antrieb über Zapfwelle, Posch

Easy, compact

Firewood processors for professionals do not always have to be disproportionate. Due to its compact dimensions, the SpaltFix K-415 can be easily transported via a tractor. Communities and firewood producers everywhere produce the desired firewood.

The hydraulically driven log feed takes place via a 2 m long feed belt. Operation is simple: it is done via a 1-hand joystick control. The saw feed is also hydraulic with automatic stop ventilation and hold-down function.

Brennholzautomat, bis zu 12 Scheite sind pro Arbeitsgang möglich.

Sawing with professional chainsaw, splitting with pluggable splitting knife

The logs are cut by the Oregon guide bar (21″/53 cm length) to an adjustable billet length of 20-50 cm, the automatic wood rocker transfers the cut wood piece to the 25 x 25 cm pressure piece. That pushes it through the splitting knife with a splitting power of
15 tons: The result is 4, 6, 8 or 12 billets per work cycle.

With suitable conveyor belts, billet cleaning and bagging solutions from POSCH, you can optimize your firewood processing process.

Sägespalter, Kettensäge, 21" Sägeschwert und leistungsgerechte 0,404" Sägekettenteilung

The professional chainsaw in detail

  • 21″ guide bar and performance-oriented 0.404″ chain pitch
  • 12,000 rpm, cutting speed: 35 m/s
  • Maintenance-free, hydraulic drive with Harvester saw motor
  • Maintenance-free, hydraulically operated chain lubrication pump
  • Hydraulic chain oil tank heating (tank volume max. 12 l)
  • Chainsaw accessible without tools for replacement

Further information on the firewood processor SpaltFix K-415 >>

The compact firewood processor in detail

The SpaltFix K-415 in action

  • Der kompakte Sägespalter mit Profi-Kettensäge: SpaltFix K-415 - POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Brennholz machen: Sägespalter SpaltFix K-415 | POSCH Leibnitz by
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