POSCH innovation - for professional firewood processing

Future made in Austria

Leading due to continuous development

Our powerful machines draw from the power of innovation

In Leibnitz in Southern Styria, there is one of the most advanced production sites for machinery for firewood processing. Great inventive talent has been accompanying the company right from the start.
Posch Gründer Ferdinand Posch

Gifted innovator

Ferdinand Posch, the legendary founder of the company, a trained toolmaker and gifted innovator, laid the foundation of the success story of POSCH based on his skilfulness.

Posch Heinz-Peter

Successful in the whole of Europe

Comprehensive professionalisation measures were introduced in the company by Heinz-Peter Posch from 1967 onwards. Over the decades, his inventions enabled the company to become an industry leader.

Innovations by POSCH

From the first mechanical wood splitters (1972) to the first SpaltFix (1985) and patents such as the Fixomatic system, POSCH developed a number of spectacular patents.
Holzspalter Meterspalter mit patentiertem Holzhaltesystem

Patented Fixomatic system

The useful facilitation functionality is integrated in every HydroCombi today.

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