POSCH debarking machine - Turn each log into a post
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Debarking machine
The post-producing machine

Performance data
  • Efficient 15 cm Log Ø max.
  • Sturdy 114 kg Weight min.

Turn each log into a post in no time

The machine is convenient and safe to operate, debarks any round timber and helps you to prepare it for the intended purpose.
Entrinden von Holzrundlingen und Schwachholz, Schälmaschine bei der Verarbeitung vom Stamm zum Pfahl.

Debarking machine: Considerably increases the value of scrap wood

This machine, which naturally has all advantages of POSCH equipment, is ideally suited for minor projects. The different drive types enable use in more areas of application, the sturdy and compact design ensures a long useful life. The logs are simply and safely transported to the debarking disk via the slanted support with a protective cover for the debarking disk, and so the unwanted bark is removed quickly.

Product details Debarking machine

The debarking machine considerably increases the value of scrap wood
product details debarking machine
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