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Log charging
for a continuous supply of logs

Performance data
  • Efficient 65 cm Log ∅ max.
  • Large 60 fm wood volume max.

Log charging for a continuous work flow

The suitable log support system accepts the required log volume and keeps it ready for further processing. Depending on the requirements, the cross conveyor keeps the largest possible number available and passes them on, with or without separator solution, to the longitudinal conveyor, which supplies the SpaltFix continuously.
The customised solution for maximum performance!

See for yourself how our perfect wood support system works. Individually tailored to your POSCH firewood processor and your requirements.

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Log support systems
Cross conveyor
Log support for larger volumes of wood. The logs are placed down with a forklift truck or timber loading crane and made available for further processing.
When the logs are transferred to the longitudinal conveyor, they are automatically separated by the separator or the star separator.
Longitudinal conveyor systems
Chain & roller conveyors
On the roller conveyors, the logs are placed on sturdy rollers and a constant log feeding process is ensured. For logs with a Ø over 55 cm, a double chain conveyor is used.

Professional log charging for larger volumes

The SpaltFix automatic firewood processors process large volumes of logs into finished firewood. The suitable charging systems facilitate continuous production even more. POSCH offers you a range of different solutions for the most exacting requirements.
Zuführtische, Stamm Vereinzeler für große Mengen

The cross conveyor PLUS (1) is the ultimate professional solution for very large volumes of wood. The separator (2) ensures optimum separation and transfer to the longitudinal conveyors (3) (4).

Zuführtisch, Holzstamm-Auflage für große Holzmengen, Rundholz Zuführtisch

Flexible combinations for all applications

The handy longitudinal and cross conveyors for optimum log charging can be charged quickly by tractor, forklift truck or timber loading crane. Depending on the requirements and the work flow, the different units can be combined with each other on a customised basis. The impressive options provided by the cross conveyor PLUS present themselves from the front.

Log charging for any volume of wood

The logs are put down by forklift truck or timber loading crane. The solutions from POSCH always provide the required supply of logs depending on the requirements.
Walzenförderer Stammzuführung, Zuführtisch, Sägespaltautomat, Schneidspalter Brennholzautomat

On the roller conveyors, the logs are placed on sturdy rollers, which are driven hydraulically in each case. The V-shaped structure ensures a smooth log feeding process.

Doppel-Kettenförderer, Stammzuführung, Zuführtisch, Sägespaltautomat, Schneidspalter, Brennholzautomat

Over log diameters of 55, a double chain conveyor is used. The sturdy chain with pusher dogs glides on maintenance-free plastic guides. Available for lengths from 4 – 6 m.

Stamm-Zuführtisch für mobile Einsätze

The cross conveyor passes the logs on to the longitudinal conveyor via chain lines and is also masterful when it comes to the processing of bent logs. It is also optionally available for the mobile SpaltFix systems in different sizes.

Excellent solutions for any log charging system from POSCH

We will be pleased to help you plan and assemble your customised log charging system.
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