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SpaltFix K-415
The compact firewood processor with a chain saw

Performance data
  • Efficient 41 cm log-Ø max.
  • Powerful 15 t Splitting power max.
  • Fast 12 billets/work cycle max.

Compact powerhouse with chain saw

Process logs up to 41 cm diameter! The new saw splitter SpaltFix K-415 is your perfect companion: Sawing, splitting and direct loading of the compact performance package in no time at all and thus produces oven-ready logs. With the new chassis the power pack is also ideally equipped for outdoor use!

The features of the SpaltFix K-415 at a glance!

  • Comfortable operation with 1-hand joystick
  • Continuous feed
  • Powerful professional chainsaw for fast and safe cutting
  • Timber rocker for smooth log transfer
  • Pluggable splitting knive for 12 logs per work cycle
  • Compact dimensions for easy transport
  • Comfortable operation with 1-hand joystick
    Sägespalten, Sägespalter, Joystick, POSCH Leibnitz
    The hydraulically driven log feeder, as well as the splitting of the logs, is conveniently operated via a 1-hand joystick of the POSCH SpaltFix K-415 .
  • Continuous feed
    Längsförderer, SpaltFix, Säge-Spaltautomat, POSCH Leibnitz
    The trunk is fed via a 2 m long in-feed belt. With the optional, mobile lengthwise chain conveyor, the workflow becomes even more efficient.
  • Powerful professional chainsaw for fast and safe cutting
    Sägespalter, Kettensäge, 21" Sägeschwert und leistungsgerechte 0,404" Sägekettenteilung
    The 53 cm chainsaw cuts logs to a desired length of 20-50 cm. The harvester saw motor and the chain lubrication pump are maintenance-free.
  • Timber rocker for smooth log transfer
    Kettensäge, Holzübergabe, Holzstamm, POSCH Leibnitz
    The automatic timber rocker transfers the cut piece of wood to the 25 x 25 cm large thrust piece that presses it against the splitting knife with a splitting force of 15 tons.
  • Pluggable splitting knive for 12 logs per work cycle
    Handseilwinde, Seilwinde, Messerwechsel, Spaltmesser, POSCH Leibnitz
    4, 6, 8 or 12 logs per operation are possible, depending on the type of splitting knife used. The knife is easy to change via hand winch (optional). The POSCH SpaltFix K-415 can be used as a high-performance saw (OnlyCut function).
  • Compact dimensions for easy transport
    Dreipunktaufhängung, Schlepper, Zapfwelle, POSCH Leibnitz
    The conveyor belt transports the finished logs for further processing. It can be folded in a short time by means of a crank and is ready for transport at the three-point hitch. Ideal for collectives and firewood producers.

The best result with the right product from POSCH

Choose between the two transport variants: Three-point hitch or longitudinal chassis
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Get the power pack!

With the POSCH SpaltFix K-415 you can quickly produce your firewood. Easy to transport and equipped with a powerful professional chainsaw. These are the advantages of the SpaltFix K-415!
POSCH Leibnitz Saegespalter-SpaltFix-K-415-

The professional chain saw in detail

The 21″ Oregon saw bar with performance-oriented 0.404” chain pitch works at 12,000 rpm (cutting speed 35 m/s) and cuts the log to lengths between 20 and 50 cm.The Harvester saw motor and the chain lubrication pump are maintenance-free. Addionaly, the SpaltFix has a hydraulic chain oil tank heating with a maximum tank capacity of 12 liters. The chain itself can be changed quickly and easily using the tool-free access on the back of the saw splitter.

POSCH Leibnitz Saegespalter-mit-Kettensäge

With three-point hitch or chassis always by your side!

Due to its compact dimensions the SpaltFix SpaltFix K-415 is always by your side! can be easily transported by a tractor through its three-point hitch. This allows collectives and firewood producers to
produce the desired billets wherever they want.

The new longitudinal chassis allows the firewood processor to be processed on roads too. The log feeding system is also available on wheels.

Automatically better results per hour.

Optimize your SpaltFix K-415!

Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment that make firewood processing even easier.
Log feeding system

Optimum charging for increased hourly output

The right supply with logs is critical for an efficient work flow in firewood processing. Depending on the log length, you can choose from different options here.

Stationary or mobile log feeding system

As an entry model we offer a stationary log support block with lifting device which lifts individual logs up to 2 m in length and 30 cm in diameter from the ground to processing height.

The log feeding system is available in a stationary or mobile version (transport via three-point hitch or on wheels). You can chose whether to use a longitudinal conveyor alone or in combination with a cross conveyor (timber support systems). When choosing the latter option
you will correspondingly increase the efficiency of your work processes, as larger quantities of wood can be loaded. These are then ready for further processing and more firewood is continuously produced per hour.

More about log feeding >

Special & accessory equipment

Increase firewood quality

Screen for clean firewood

The optional conveyor belt screen separates dirt and chips from your firewood. This improves the quality of your billets and provides your customers with a clean product. If needed the collected chips can be used as kindling.


Chip extraction system for a clean work station

Optionally the SpaltFix K-415 with tractor drive (Type Z) and e-motor (Type E) can be equipped with a chip extraction system. The blower removes the accruing chips via a suction hose with a diameter of 15 cm and assures a clean work station.

To the chip extraction system>>


Goes with you everywhere!

The tractor chassis for the K-415 with longitudinal is available in two different designs. Without brake system, it can be used on your own private property with up to max. 10 km/h. Please observe the national road traffic acts in Europe that partially allow the operation of an agricultural or forestry trailer not approved for traffic on public roads (without brake system with a speed limit) under certain conditions. The tractor chassis for up to 25 km/h with overrun brake and lights can also be approved for road traffic.

Cleaning and bagging billets

Cleaning and packing up in one work cycle

The billet cleaner  LogFix and the bagging device PackFix Hydro let you clean and bag firewood in next to no time. Without any further work, the PackFix delivers a finished pack of wood that can be transported, stored or naturally sold at once. Find out more>>

The POSCH SpaltFix K-415 in action

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