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SpaltFix K-700 Vario mobile
Increased efficiency. Larger diameters.

  • Efficient 70 cm Log ∅ max.
  • Powerful 19 t Splitting power max.
  • Fast 27 m3/h cubic meters per hour

A saw splitter on a (successful) tour

The successor to the SpaltFix K-650 Vario transforms entire logs up to Ø 70 cm into profitable logs. Including many new features.

... with unsurpassable log quality

With the SpaltFix K-Vario you can easily change the desired edge length: infinitely adjustable from 5-15 cm. This is how you produce pure firewood for different customer groups.

The highlights at a glance

Work easier
The two feed rollers with their pronounced teeth transport solid logs with a diameter of up to 70 cm to the saw - especially for crooked logs and residual wood.
Even less malfunctions
Thanks to our new sawing device, chain and blade changes are even easier now, increasing the service life of the blade. Vertical ventilation reduces malfunctions during cutting. The wood gripper has everything under control.
New cabin design for better all-round visibility
The swivel function gives you a clear view of the sawing process and allows you to work ergonomically. The standard Bluetooth radio provides music to your ears - USB port and mobile phone holder included.
Like clockwork
Thanks to our larger chain oil tank (70 litres) you can cut up to 10 days. Additionally, access to drive modules and the splitting unit is easy for simplified cleaning and maintenance. Central lubrication takes place automatically.
Improved high-performance chip extraction system
Our chip extraction system was optimised in terms of performance and noise.
Durable and swivelling conveyor belt
The belt itself is equipped with sheet-metal plugs and an automated centring system. For efficient loading into a BigBag or onto a hanger, we offer an optional rotating conveyor belt.

Saw, split and load in record time!

People often ask us how much firewood (cubic metres per hour) e.g. a SpaltFix K-700 Vario is capable of producing. That depends on the log diameter and the way it is fed. You can look the respective hourly output up in the performance chart. Optimal billet quality is reached from a log diameter of 25 cm.

The new Turbo version of the “AutoSplit” provides 25 % more performance. This allows you to work even more efficiently and make higher profits!

For even more (working) comfort: practical extras

Make your everyday life easier with a range of useful equipment options to make processing firewood even more convenient.
Cabin party - with air conditioning & full glazing
Thanks to the optional, more powerful rooftop air conditioning system, you can keep cool in the summer and warm you up in the winter.
TURBO package for more power
The optionally available Turbo package increases both sawing and splitting performance by 25%.

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The new powerhouse in action

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