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Easy processing of scrap wood and tree cuttings.

Shredder & chopper with great ease

A POSCH chopper easily shreds all pieces of scrap wood. The sturdy, high-quality machines quickly turn any kind of scrap wood into small pieces. Shrubbery, tree cuttings and scrap wood from your farm or garden quickly disappear in the large funnels and are quickly turned into useful material for composting or mulching.
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Shredding for all areas of application

Choose the right product depending on whether you want to produce fine wood chips for composting or more coarse wood chips for mulching under hedges or bushes.

The ProfiHäcksler

Particularly suited for optimum compost preparation, it ensures the fast shredding of scrap wood such as shrubbery, bushes, wreaths, garden and sawmill waste. The spring-loaded feed chain with overload clutch automatically and continuously transports the material to the mallet drum. 27 rotating mallets smash it into pieces and so ensure improved defibration and consequently quicker composting. As a standard, the mallets are for two-fold use and therefore are twice as durable.

POSCH ProfiHäcksler

Better solutions for chopping

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Hacker für Buschwerk zum Mulchen

The Hackblitz

Easily disposes of tree cuttings and scrap wood even from large farms or municipalities. The funnel and the feed roller evenly transport the material to the chopping disk, and as a result of the special funnel inclination, wood with a diameter of up to 10 cm is processed continuously. The special geometry of the chopping disk and the chopping knives affixed to it ensure quick shredding, the easily adjustable counter-blade improves the result even more. The finished wood chips are discharged into the trailer through an ejection pipe that is 2.2 m high, or are distributed on site.

POSCH HackBlitz

The POSCH Hackblitz in action

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