POSCH premium quality firewood processing machinery

Stable value for years

POSCH is accompanied by great expectations.

POSCH stands for premium quality

Improving splitting and cutting characteristics is the challenge we accept. The development of simple, fast and safe work processes is our passion. And the development of great machines with a very long useful life is our defined goal.
Fertigung, Zusammenbau, Sägespaltautomaten

We leave nothing to chance

All production processes are controlled by means of the certified quality management system according to ISO9001:2008 and monitored on an ongoing basis. 170 highly qualified employees have been working for POSCH for many years. Their commitment and their passion make the ongoing improvement of the production processes possible and guarantee the great quality of each individual machine. The lessons they learn from talking to customers and their experience with our customers continuously contribute to the improvement of the products.

As a leading manufacturer of firewood processing machines, a great obligation rests on us.

Each of our units fulfils our extremely exacting quality requirements regarding workmanship and performance.
Portrait-Petra Johann Tinnacher-POSCH-Leibnitz-Image-Die Mosbachers-29

Our third-generation family-owned enterprise stands for reliability and durability and consistently relies on quality from Austria. For this reason, the development and production departments consistently work on the improvement of our machinery under a single roof in Leibnitz. Naturally, you can convince yourself of that at any time!

And if you need a new part after heavy use over many years, we will quickly provide you with the suitable part even 20 years or more later.

POSCH continues to rely on quality and additionally lays the focus on the health and safety of its staff. For more than 20 years, POSCH’s quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified and, since March 2020, is also ISO 45001 certified.

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The product sortiment of POSCH may vary between regions. Using the right selection you will be provided with the best available products and equipment.

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