Producing firewood safely with POSCH Leibnitz’s tilting bench saw
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Cutting firewood

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Safe & easy

Safety first!

Cut your own firewood 12.09.2017

Heating with wood is still bang on trend: Not only is it cheaper than using fossil fuels, it also brings cosy heat to all living areas! Processing wood to use in your stove during the winter months by hand can be exhausting and time consuming! Let us show you an easier solution, using the right wood splitter and a safe bench saw, you will turn logs of wood into billets ready to go in your stove with ease!
Posch Wippkreissäge Förderband

Easier & safer!

A proven tilting bench saw is the best choice for those who mostly cut billets for themselves. Thanks to the rocker’s built-in ball bearing and its ergonomic construction, it allows for particularly easy timber processing. It requires almost no effort!

Equipped with different types of drive systems  (electric motor, PTO provided by the tractor or petrol engine), POSCH is sure to have the right Tilting Bench Saw for your needs.

Kreissäge, Brennholzsäge mit Sicherheitspaket, Posch

Line up the log & start sawing!

Everything (safely) under control! Cutting made easier and safer, too: For the more tired you are, the higher the risk of injury. To be on the safe side, the tilting saw is equipped with an optional safety flap that prevents you from accidentally touching the saw blade. The hazard area is thus completely covered! Working safely does not necessarily have to be complicated!

New accessories, more comfort: Using the longitudinal stop, you can line up your log and cut it to the right length adjusted previously. Entirely without further operating efforts. This extra makes cutting your firewood even more comfortable! We show you how

Posch, Kreissäge, WIppkreissäge, Transport auf Rädern

Quickly set up and universally applicable!

Using two ergonomically designed transport handles and the super-large wheels, you can bring your tilting bench saw to the desired operating site with ease. Combined with the PTO drive and e-drive, the tilting bench saw turns into your ideal timber processing helper at your farm or in the woods.
Another tip: Make sure to allow for ample air circulation around your stack of wood when storing your firewood. Thus, the wood can dry well – the drier the wood, the higher its heating value!

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