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In spite of the premium quality of the construction of our machinery, we have to replace wear parts after a certain period of time too. In order to ensure that you get quick and competent help for your device, POSCH sells its products exclusively through trusted partners in specialised trade who will be pleased to help you. Further, we guarantee you the a delivery of spare parts for 20 years.
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Great strain and great performance leave marks. After many years, your POSCH unit may also require spare parts. In order to get your machine ready for work again as quickly as possible, it is obligatory to keep the data of the type plate of the machine ready for your contact.

Ideally, the serial number helps us along, and if there is no serial number (construction year before 2005), please write down the item number (e.g. M6241) and the name (e.g. TILTING SAW) from the type plate of your machine.

Here you will find the right spare parts list and operating instructions for your POSCH machine
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