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SmartCut with tractor chassis

Facilitated transport thanks to chassis

SmartCut firewood saw now available with chassis 07.03.2018

Schlepperfahrwerk, Sägeautomat, SmartCut, Posch

Facilitated transport thanks to chassis

Until now, the POSCH automatic firewood saw SmartCut could be transported with a tractor via the three-point hitch or with a forklift via the forklift support. Now, this firewood saw is optionally available with a tractor chassis (LoF). The built-in tractor chassis results in a new length of approx. 3.5 m, while the width remains the same as on the stationary model at approx. 2.2 m. Depending on the drive version and conveyor belt length, the support load is max. 700 kg.

Arbeitsstellung Sägeautomat, Smartcut, Posch

Ready for operation in no time

With the hydraulic height adjustment, the automatic firewood saw can be lowered to the operator’s height via a valve on the machine.
Furthermore, the tractor’s position does not have to be changed to put the saw into operation. Even during transport, the drive shaft can remain connected to the PTO shaft.

All details on the SmartCut here >> >>

All images of the new tractor chassis

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