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New: SpaltFix S-360 with turbo option

From log to firewood in record time

A firewood processor flexes its muscles

25 LCM of firewood in front of the hut with turbo speed! 17.11.2016

For those who want even more speed from our already powerful firewood processor, the new optional turbo package for our SpaltFix S-360 achieves an even higher hourly output.
Sägespalter, Sägespaltautomat SpaltFix S-375. Optionales TUBRO-Paket für eine Leistungssteigerung auf bis zu 25 srm Scheitholz pro Stunde! Der Sägespalter wird dafür mit einer erweiterten Hydraulikanlage und einer abschaltbaren Spalthubreduzierung ausgestattet.

Fast. Faster. Turbo!

Our compact SpaltFix S-360 makes it possible to single-handedly produce up to 20 LCM of firewood per hour.
If that’s still not fast enough, there’s the optional TURBO package, which boosts output to up to 25 LCM per hour!
The firewood processor is equipped with an additional hydraulic system and a stroke reducing function that can be switched off.

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