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Firewood saw WippCut

Faster means of transport

The new circular saw with conveyor belt 20.03.2019

Sawing firewood. Loading firewood. The firewood saw WippCut.
The new model from POSCH is the entry-level model among the saws with mounted belt. It processes the logs in a single operation and can then be loaded directly onto a trailer, for example.
NEW is also the patented sliding safety cover.

Rocker with integrated locking device

It is important to us that your hands cannot get into the danger zone during sawing. This is ensured by the proven cover. NEW is that the safety cover can be moved to better reach the log or the rocker. If the cover is not in its basic position, sawing is not possible to avoid injury.

The ball bearing is particularly easy on the rocker, which means that you do not have to use any force when rocking. The handle can be optimally adapted to the operator: it is height-adjustable and thus enables ergonomic working.

The WippCut is standard equipped with a saw blade with a diameter of 70 cm and processes cutting diameters up to max. 24 cm. It can be driven by a tractor (grey cast iron angular gearbox) or an electric motor (V-belt). The longitudinal stop, which is infinitely adjustable in 1 cm increments (20 – 52 cm), ensures exact cutting lengths.

Cut & Go!

The cut logs are transferred directly to the attached conveyor belt. This transfer area is particularly generously dimensioned so that the logs are transported away quickly and smoothly. Depending on the type of conveyor belt (4 or 5 m long), the maximum ejection height is 340 cm. The inclination can also be adjusted hydraulically as an option /as an optional feature.

Once the work is complete, you can transport the circular saw home via the three-point linkage on the tractor. The conveyor belt can be folded up quickly and easily.

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