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Cutting and loading firewood directly.

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  • 24 cm Cutting– Ø max.
  • 600 kg Weight min.
The sturdy and powerful tilting circular saw WippCut cuts firewood and round wood up to Ø 24 cm. The wood to be cut is supplied to the circular saw blade via an extremely smooth-running rocker and loaded by means of a conveyor belt.
  • Application cutting firewood saw
  • Cutting diameter max. 24 cm (firewood)
  • Saw blade ¢ 24 cm
  • Transport three-point hitch
  • Drive variants: Tractor drive via cast iron angular gear and V-belt / e-motor and V-belt
  • Rocker equipped with ball bearings
  • Longitudinal stop for exact cutting lengths from 20 – 52 cm, continuously variable in steps of 1 cm
  • Conveyor belt with fixed tilt of 35° –
  • Discharge height 2.80 – 3.40 m
  • Possible annual output: 250 cubic metres


Select the right WippCut based on drive type.
Article no. Type Propulsion Weight
excl. VAT / incl. VAT
M1560 Z
Tractor, PTO drive speed 480 rpm, power consumption min. 10 kW

Universal shaft required!

600 6.600,00
M1580 ZE7,5
  • Tractor, PTO drive speed 480 rpm
    Universal shaft required!
  • 7.5 kW e-motor 400V, S6, CEE 16A
    E-drive with motor circuit breaker and phase inverter.
650 7.300,00
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Conveyor belts
Article no. Description ejection height
max. m
excl. VAT / incl. VAT
F4 4-m conveyor belt as standard 2.8
F5 5-m conveyor belt against surcharge 3.2 900,00
H Surcharge for hydraulic tilt adjustment 22° - 40° F4: 1.8 - 3.0; F5: 2.1 - 3.4 700,00
Special equipment
Valid for initial equipment, incl. assembly.
Article no. Description excl. VAT / incl. VAT
Surcharge for circular saw with a WIDIA circular saw blade, 84 teeth (Z1300103), instead of the standard circular saw blade

Advantage: Cutting power increased by 50% for hardwood, noise-reducing

Accessory equipment
Handy accessory equipment for more power and convenience for wood processing.
Article no. Description excl. VAT / incl. VAT
F0004412 Hip roller 95,00
F0004275 Tilting extension with rollers 120,00
Z1300103 Circular saw blade Ø 70 cm, 84 teeth, WIDIA 220,00
Z1300080 Circular saw blade Ø 70 cm, 56 teeth, chromium alloy 95,00
F0004425 Chip extraction connection Ø 10 cm 95,00
F0004426 Chip extraction connection Ø 15 cm 120,00
F0003527 Hour counter for Z- and ZE-drive 310,00
Z2000636 Walterscheid W-Line universal joint shaft 210,00

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