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LogFill Plus
Stores, releases and cleans billets

POSCH. Log buffer and firewood screen. Hover over the image to zoom
  • 25 Cubic metres/h
  • 2 m3
The LogFill Plus serves as a billet buffer and so ensures smooth processes in firewood logistics. It stores max. 3 cubic metres of billets and releases them again in a controlled and precisely adjustable manner via the scraper floor. Then the roller screen cleans and passes on the billets at the same time. Use the remote radio control for the user-friendly operation of the device.
  • Buffer storage max. 2–3 srm
  • Charging height 2.6 m / 3.35 m
  • Funnel opening (LxW) approx. 280 x 110 cm
  • Conveying performance50 srm/h
  • Conveyor belt 4 m
  • Roller screen width 3.8 cm

LogFill PLUS

Article no. Type Propulsion Weight
list price
excl. VAT
3x 400V, 50Hz
4,0 kW E-drive 400V, S6, CEE 16A with radio remote control for switching on and off, max 50 loose m3/h. Roller screen 3 -1 m with 12 screen rollers, 15° ascending, discharge height approx. 2m, screen width 4.5 cm., adjustable scraper floor speed

E-drive: with motor circuit breaker and phase inverter

3250 32.000,00
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Special equipment

Valid for initial equipment, incl. assembly.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Roller screen 3 x 1 m with 12 screen rollers, 15° ascending, screen width 3.8 cm 2.100,00
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