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SpaltFix S-375
More power with joystick control

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  • 37 cm Log Ø max.
  • 12 t Splitting power max.
  • 25 Cubic metres/h
The split cutter SpaltFix S-375 cuts and splits logs up to Ø 37 cm in 2, 4, 6 or 8 parts in one work cycle. The cutting length can be adjusted from 20 to 50 cm. The hydraulic timber feed transports the timber to the circular saw blade via the conveyor belt. Thanks to the feed belt inclined to the rear, the cutting cycle is ideally adapted to the log diameter, which enables maximum performance with small diameters as well. The hydraulic log downholder and the adjustable log stop that lifts during cutting prevent logs from getting stuck. It is easy to operate with a one-hand joystick control. The finished billets are directly transported to loading via an angled conveyor belt. OnlyCut system: As standard, the splitting knife and the splitting knife support can be removed in only a few steps, and so the SpaltFix S-375 can be used as high-performance saw without splitting tool.
  • Log diameter 7-37 cm
  • Sawing system WIDIA saw blade ∅ 90 cm
  • Billet length 20/25/30/33/35/40/45/50 cm
  • Hydraulic log feed system with 2-m feeding belt
  • Hydraulic saw feed system with automated stop ventilation and downholder function
  • 4-way splitting wedge as standard, 6-way or 8-way optional
  • Splitting force 12 t
  • Stamp advance/return speed max. 47/42 cm/s with Autospeed
  • Chip extraction connection Ø 15 cm
  • OnlyCut Function (to be used as a pure high-performance saw)
  • TURBO package for increased hourly output (optional)
  • Oil cooler (option) recommended from 4h continuous use onwards

SpaltFix S-375

Select the right SpaltFix based on drive type. The 4-m angled conveyor belt (article no. KF4) is standard equipment.
Article no. Type Propulsion Weight
list price
excl. VAT
Tractor PTO shaft, power consumption 27 kW, oil pump with capacity 66/140 l/min at 480 rpm Tractor drive: Cardan shaft required, cat. II three-point linkage - only applies to the three- point system

Tractor drive: universal shaft required, three-point linkage cat. II

1460 24.200,00
3x 400V, 50Hz
  • Tractor PTO shaft
  • 22 kW e-motor 400V, S6, CEE 32A, pressure switch-off pump

Combi: Tractor drive: universal shaft required, three-point linkage cat. II, E-drive: with motor circuit breaker and phase inverter

1660 28.200,00
3x 460V, 60Hz
  • Tractor PTO shaft, power consumption 27 kW, oil pump with a capacity of 66/140 l/min with 480 rpm
  • 15 kW e-motor 460V/60Hz, pressure shut-off pump. Only suitable for USA/CAN! See Appendix B for details.

The machine is offered with 3x460V/60Hz-drive, CSA-certified e-motor by Wattdrive/WEG and switch with UL- or CSA-certified components for field evaluation by the customer in the USA or the Special Inspection in Canada.

1500 31.830,00
Hatz 3H50TICD diesel engine (3 cylinder), EU stage V, approx. 30 kW at 1,800 rpm. 1700 59.000,00
Hatz 3H50TIC diesel engine (3 cylinders), EU stage V, approx. 30 kW at 1,800 rpm. Only suitable for USA/CAN! See Appendix B for details 1650 57.500,00
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Conveyor belts
Select the right conveyor belt length. The 4-m angled conveyor belt (Item no. KF4) is standard equipment.
Article no. Description ejection height
max. m
list price
excl. VAT
Reduced price for hydraulic conveyor belt drive (valve block and hydraulic pipes) without conveyor belt. The incomplete machine must not be put into operation without conveyor belt as separating safety device to the splitting area according to EN ISO 13857-Tab. 1! 1.0 200 -2.400,00
Reduced price for single-part ejector belt 1.5 m, hydraulic drive 1.0 -980,00
Angled conveyor belt length 4 m, hydraulic drive, as standard 1.5 - 2.5 0,00
Surcharge for angled conveyor belt 5 m, hydraulic drive 2.0 - 3.0 100 890,00
Splitting knife
Different splitting knife variants are avilable for efficient working.
Article no. Description Weight
list price
excl. VAT
4-way splitting knife (for log Ø 0-37 cm) as standard 22 410,00
6-way splitting knife (for log Ø 10-37 cm) 24 540,00
8-way splitting knife (for log Ø 17-30 cm) 27 600,00
  • Posch splitting cross - for 6 parts
    Splitting knife for 6 parts
Special equipment
Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment.
Article no. Description Weight
list price
excl. VAT
TURBO package for 25% more splitting power with billet lengths up to 33 cm: extension of the hydraulic system and a splitting stroke reducer that can be shut off. Available for types Z and ZE 15 1.250,00
Oil cooler recommended for continuous operation (from 4 hours) or for use above 30°C outdoor temperature. Advantage: longer service life of the hydraulic components due to less wear

Attention! 3-pin continuous current plug 12V from tractor required

5 1.150,00
Enhanced hydraulic system for M3858 with triple pump, pressure shut-off valve and hydraulic pipes for subsequent installation of the E-drive (F0003606) 15 550,00
SawControl for automated saw blade speed monitoring to prevent performance peaks / saw overload incl. hour counter. Power supply (12V) from tractor required! 5 1.150,00
Additional hydraulic connection for SpaltFix S-375, Type Z, 15 l/min–max. 180 bar. Comprising: 3-way hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, size 2 quick-connects. Oil cooler: Power supply (12V) from tractor required! 15 1.550,00
  • Posch
    Oil cooler
Spare parts
Original POSCH spare parts convince with their accuracy of fit, maximum quality and safety.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Log saw blade Ø 90 cm, 96 teeth, WIDIA 810,00
Infeed belt 610,00
Service kit (1,000 h): Set of footrests and filter inserts

Attention! Suitable for SpaltFix from Serial number 1637xxxx

Splitter guide kit 510,00
Aluminium insert kit 84,00
Mesh flap for conveyor joint area 24,00
Spare parts kit, for switch Z9860109 380,00
Accessory equipment
Handy accessory equipment for more power and convenience for wood processing.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Plastic anchorage plate 1.5 cm for standard lengths -1.5 cm 65,00
Infeed extension with roller, 100 cm 520,00
Log support with lifting device for max. 2 m timber length and Ø 30 cm 2.800,00
Conveyor belt with splinter chute 730,00
Lights unit, attachable 190,00
Reducer for chip extraction connection from Ø 15 cm to Ø 10 cm, SpaltFix S-375 220,00
Retrofitting kit for SpaltFix S-375 Type Z to combined drive type ZE22D. E option required! 4.950,00
Hour counter for Z-, ZE-drive (Reed-contact), with speed display 410,00
Tank heater 230V, required for operation at ambient temperatures under 0°C. Advantage: improved start-up of the machine and greatly reduces wear and tear of the hydraulic system 880,00
Universal shaft to tractor chassis 380,00

Log charging

A suitable wood support system accepts the required volume of logs and keeps it ready for further firewood processing.
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