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SpaltFix K-540 Multi
The chainsaw firewood processor for professionals

Performance data
  • Efficient 55 cm Log ∅ max.
  • Powerful 35 t Splitting power max.
  • Fast 18 billets per work cycle max.

Great output in one work cycle with the SpaltFix K-540 Multi timber processing line

It is no longer possible to imagine professional firewood production without our powerful firewood processors. Stationary or mobile – they adapt perfectly to the requirements for large volumes. The firewood machine SpaltFix K-540 Multi processes logs with a diameter of up to 55 cm. With the wide variety of drives and additional solutions, it helps you to make wood processing faster and more efficient.

The SpaltFix K-540 Multi has many useful features

Sägespaltautomat Holzstämme sägen und spalten in einem Arbeitsgang, Stammdurchmesser bis max. 55 cm
  • Convenient joystick operation
  • SuperCut Harvester saw for fast and safe cutting
  • Uniform billets without knife change
  • True power inside the SpaltFix K
  • Continuous charging for increased output
  • Neat, trouble-free further processing
  • Convenient joystick operation
    Posch, Bedienpult, Sägespaltautomat
    With the 2-hand joystick on the clearly structured control panel, it is easy to control all processes. The log manipulator puts the logs in the right position before processing.
  • SuperCut Harvester saw for fast and safe cutting
    Harvester Supercut Sägeeinheit beim Sägespaltautomaten
    Thanks to the hydraulic chain and blade tensioning mechanism and the hydraulic double gripper, the SuperCut saw ensures safe and fast cutting for log diameters up to 55 cm.
  • Uniform billets without knife change
    Gleichmäßige Holzscheite ohne Messerwechsel
    The hydraulically adjustable MULTI splitting knife delivers an optimum result for any log diameter. The machine produces up to 12 same-sized billets per cycle in that way.
  • True power inside the SpaltFix K
    Druckstück der Spalteinheit
    The pressure piece presses the logs against the double-blade splitting knife with 35 t and so quickly produces the maximum number of billets.
  • Continuous charging for increased output
    Kontinuierliche Stammbeschickung des Sägespaltautomaten
    The roller conveyors with log manipulator ensure a continuous processing speed. Combined with the hydraulic log lifting device or the timber support system, you produce more solid cubic metres per hour.
  • Neat, trouble-free further processing
    Weiterverarbeitung von Brennholz durch Scheibensieb und Verpackungsgerät
    The conveyor belts transport the finished billets to the respective packaging solution. The combination of the timber cleaner LogFix and the PackFix system produces firewood of high quality and in neat packages.
You have to witness true power yourself!

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Optional accessoryies for an even better firewood processor SpaltFix K-540 Multi

Stationary or mobile – it adapts perfectly to the requirements for large volumes.
Log charging

Integrated log charging for higher hourly output

The right log supply system is important for efficient firewood processing. Depending on the log length, you have the choice between different options. The flexible solutions fulfil the most exacting requirements. Find out more >>

  • Double chain conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Cross conveyor PLUS with separator
Drives & chassis

Ready for every task

|With the different drive variants PTO, E-motor or diesel, the SpaltFix is always well-equipped and also suited for mobile applications. For mobile applications, the optional elbow conveyor belts ensure a compact transport position. The different chassis models with integrated log charging ensure that the SpaltFix K is quickly ready for use. The optionally available hydraulic support feet ensure vertical stability. Integrated cross conveyors are put in the work position manually or hydraulically.

  • Brennholzautomat Antrieb über Dieselaggregat
    Drive by diesel engine
  • Brennholz Förderband klappbar für den Transport. Knickförderband zu mobilem Sägespalter
    Elbow conveyor belt
Special equipment

More power for the SpaltFix K-540 Multi

Ring splitting knife for neater billets

Versatile and robust, the frame knives adapt to the respective application. The two-blade knife delivers smooth splitting edges, the ring knife variants produce many uniform billets ready for the stove in one work step. The hydraulic splitting knife adjustment guarantees splitting down the middle for any log diameter. Thanks to the MULTI splitting knife function, you can always choose the ideal tool as a standard without knife change.


  • Schneidspalter Sägespalter, MULTI-Spaltsystem, Brennholzautomat, Ringspaltmesser
    Ring splitting knife
Cleaning and bagging billets

Cleaning and bagging in one work step

With the billet cleaner LogFix and the bagging device PackFix Hydro, you can clean and bag firewood in next to no time. Without any further work, the PackFix delivers a finished pack of wood that can be transported, stored or naturally also sold right away. Find out more >>

Efficient bagging solution

Thanks to the swivel table, the conveyor belt stands still as little as possible, firewood processing goes on uninterrupted with the 2-drum solution.


Make more profit with more cubic metres per hour.

The POSCH SpaltFix K-540 Multi in action.

  • Brennholzaufbereitung mit Sägespaltautomat SpaltFix K-540 | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Holzspalten mit dem Posch Spaltfix K-540 u. log fix Aufbereiter by
  • Brennholz Boersch by

Convincing from every perspective: The SpaltFix K-540 Multi

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