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SpaltFix K-700 Vario | 710 a-Vario
Saw splitter: Stationary & (fully) automatic

Performance data
  • Efficient 70 cm Log ∅ max.
  • Powerful 19 t Splitting power max.
  • Fast 27 m3 cubic meters per hour

NEW: our stationary saw splitters for logs up to 70 cm in diameter!

The SpaltFix K-Vario series scores with more power and optimized highlights. In addition, trunk diameters of up to 70 cm are now also possible. With the IIoT connection you are always up to date!

At the INTERFORST 2022 we presented you our latest additions to the VARIO saw splitter family: the SpaltFix K-700 & the SpaltFix K-710 a-Vario. Both process logs with a diameter of up to 70 cm. Also new is the IIoT-Anbindung (Industrial Internet of Things) of the splitter, as well as the fully automatic feeding system “AutoFeed”.

IIoT allows for system data to be saved in a cloud solution from where they can be retrieved at any time. This allows us to advise you even better and perform software updates for you.

Karlheinz Brodschneider, Development

Our models, adapted to your requirements

From contract work to firewood production directly at the farm: We have the right system for you:
automatically - via joystick
SpaltFix K-700 Vario
Automatic saw splitting 4.0 With the joystick operation you have the entire process under control! The key data:
  • Successor to the SpaltFix K-650
  • IIoT connection
fully automatic - via radio remote control
SpaltFix K-710 a-Vario
FULLY automatic saw splitting 4.0 You start the entire process using the radio remote control - the logs are processed fully automatically!
The key data:
  • IIOT connection
  • An “AutoFeed” feeding system is available for even more convenience

Your firewood processor advantages

Everything is under control
Control the log intake and sawing centrally using the joystick operation or fully automatically using the radio remote control (depending on the model); the rest of the splitting process works fully automatically anyway.
Optimized workflow
With a professional log feed, your saw splitter is continuously fed and the output is maximized. Depending on the amount of wood and trunk diameter, you can individually combine longitudinal and cross conveyors. NEW: is the AutoFeed, which, in combination with the SpaltFix K-710 a-Vario, allows you to feed fully automatically for up to 1.5 hours!
The SuperCut saw unit
With the 100 cm long saw bar and the hydraulic double gripper, the SuperCut harvester unit ensures that every cut is secure, even through the thickest trunks (minimum diameter 15 cm). The advantages lie in the high cutting performance, the independent chain tension and the ease of maintenance.
Hot temperatures, cool hydraulics
The oil coolers - in both the sawing and splitting units - can be used in continuous operation even at high temperatures. The hydraulic system is optimally supplied with oil and you benefit from a long service life!
Perfect logs
19 t splitting force and an X-shaped splitting knife. The AutoSplit splits the logs into firewood - completely automatically. All you have to do is regulate the feed and get the desired log size with an edge length of 5 to 15 cm. You can achieve optimal log quality from a trunk diameter of 25 cm.
Calculation of the wood volume including IIoT connection
You can quickly and easily determine the edge length using the touchscreen. An optical sensor on the buffer belt starts the splitting process automatically. If there are missing trunk sections, the splitting process is stopped, which significantly increases operational safety. In addition, the volume of wood processed is calculated approximately (for internal use only). Data can be stored and accessed at any time via the IIoT connection, which means we can provide you with the best possible customer service advice.

Produce individual firewood for your customers

Simply change the edge length on the SpaltFix K-Vario: it’s continuously variable between 5 and 15 cm. Produce specific types of firewood for various groups of customers.

More power. More output!

More power. More output! People often ask us how much firewood (cubic metres per hour) e.g. a SpaltFix K-700 Vario is capable of producing. That depends on the log diameter and the way it is fed. You can look the respective hourly output up in the performance chart. Optimal billet quality is reached from a log diameter of 25 cm.

The new Turbo version of the “AutoSplit” provides 25 % more performance. This allows you to work even more efficiently and make higher profits!

The firewood processor with full-automatic feeding system in action

  • OUT NOW: der AutoFeed für den SpaltFix K-710 a-Vario by POSCH Leibnitz by
  • POSCH K-710 a-Vario ⚡Turbo⚡ Firewood Factory, A.H. Hardwood Logs - Jas P Wilson Customer case study by

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