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SpaltFix K-650 Vario
The firewood processor for great firewood

Performance data
  • Efficient 65 cm Log ∅ max.
  • Powerful 16 t Splitting power max.
  • Fast 60 billets per work cycle max.

Produce billets with adjustable edge length

SpaltFix K-Vario produces firewood in the desired size: First, the chain saw cuts logs of up to 65 cm diameter, while the sections are then split fully automatically.

The Vario firewood processor is now available with chassis and cabin!
The classic version: cut, split & load in one place. Thanks to joystick controls you are always in control of the fully automated process!
Our new cabin protects you from dust, dirt and noise! An air-conditioning unit for hot summer days or auxiliary heater for the winter makes your work more enjoyable.
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The firewood processor with attached tractor or road chassis can be used anywhere! The transportable solution for professionals; particularly suited for machine rentals and commissions.

Your firewood processor advantages

Sägespaltautomat SpaltFix-K-Vario, produziert Scheitholz mit einstellbarer Kantenlänge
  • Everything under control: with joystick and electronic controls
  • Optimise work processes with the wood table
  • Powerful, safe & low-maintenance: the SuperCut cutting device
  • Failure-free continuous operation thanks to premium components
  • Perfect firewood in the desired billet size
  • Calculating the wood volume
  • Everything under control: with joystick and electronic controls
    Centrally control the log feed and cutting process via your joystick, the rest of the splitting process is fully automated. Practical bonus: Crooked logs can be optimally aligned with the hydraulic log manipulator and thus be transported to the cutting device.
  • Optimise work processes with the wood table
    A professional log feed system feeds your firewood processor continuously and maximises its output. Depending on quantity and log diameter, you can individually combine longitudinal and cross conveyor.
  • Powerful, safe & low-maintenance: the SuperCut cutting device
    With its 90-cm blade and hydraulic double gripper, the SuperCut harvester unit makes sure that every cut is performed reliably – even through the thickest of logs (15 cm min. diameter). Its advantages lie in high cutting output, independent chain tensioning and maintenance-friendliness.
  • Failure-free continuous operation thanks to premium components
    Posch, purchasing, high-quality components
    The hydraulic discharge flap and the standard buffer belt make sure the cut log sections are effortlessly transferred to the splitting unit. The system is designed for a high hourly output and long work times.
  • Perfect firewood in the desired billet size
    16 t of splitting force and X-shaped splitting wedge. Thus equipped the AutoSplit turns logs into firewood – fully automatically. You only regulate the feed speed and receive the desired billets with an edge length of 5 to 15 cm. Optimal billet quality is reached from a log diameter of 25 cm.
  • Calculating the wood volume
    Holzberechnung_bearbeitet_K-650 Vario mit Kabine
    The “AutoSplit” splitting unit comes with electronic controls – user-friendly via a touch screen that allows you to adjust the edge length quickly and easily. An optical sensor on the buffer belt automatically starts the splitting process. If there are no log sections to be fed, the splitting process is stopped which significantly increases operational safety. The system estimates the processed wood volume (for internal use only).

The new Turbo version of the “AutoSplit” provides 20 % more performance. This allows you to work even more efficiently and make higher profits!

Produce individual firewood for your customers

Simply change the edge length on the SpaltFix K-Vario: it’s continuously variable between 5 and 15 cm. Produce specific types of firewood for various groups of customers.

More power. More output!

People often ask us how much firewood (cubic metres per hour) the SpaltFix K-650 Vario is capable of producing. Of course, it depends on the log diameter and the feed version. You can look the respective hourly output up in the performance chart.

Optimal billet quality is reached from a log diameter of 25 cm.

Make your life easier!

To make firewood processing even more comfortable, upgrade your firewood processor with practical optional equipment.

To the log charging>>>

The SpaltFix K-Vario in action

  • Mobile Brennholzaufbereitung mit Sägespaltautomat SpaltFix K-Vario | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Sägespaltautomat SpaltFix K-Vario mit einstellbarer Kantenlänge — POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Mehr Brennholz, bequem von der Kabine aus: SpaltFix K-Vario | POSCH Leibnitz by
  • Posch K-650 Vario Firewood Processor in New Zealand by
  • VEDASKOG og Posch by

Convincing from every perspective: The SpaltFix K-Vario

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