Control everything from the cab: cutting, splitting & loading firewood!
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SpaltFix K-650 Vario

Process more firewood, comfortably from the cab.

The mobile firewood processor

The cab always lets you keep a level head. 06.07.2018

Last year, we presented our mobile powerhouse to you: SpaltFix K-650 Vario on wheels. Mobile cutting, splitting and loading of your firewood at any work site chosen by you. Now the firewood processor is standing tall: You can comfortably control all processes from the cab, which ensures cooling in the summer & and cozy warmth in the winter!
SpaltFix Sägepsalter, Bedienerkabine, Kabine, automatisch, Bedienung

Brave the weather in all of its forms

Weather conditions are immaterial for firewood processing with the new, functional cab from now on. Choose the variant suitable for you, fully or partly glazed, equipped with joystick control and mechanical spring-mounted operator seat.

The cabin variant with all-around glazing is equipped with 2 doors, USB charging socket and LED lighting.

Sägespalter mit Kabine, Posch

Air conditioning for summer, heating for winter

A cool breeze from above is precisely what you need during these hot summer days: The roof air conditioning unit keeps the temperature agreeable and makes working in the sun tolerable. In winter, the independent vehicle heater keeps you nice and warm, the fully glazed cab protects you from wind and snow.

The heater and the air conditioning unit are operated – depending on drive type – by the alternator via the tractor hydraulics or a diesel engine.

The new cab in detail

The cab in action

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